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They claim that Silvina Batakis appointed her ex-husband to an important position and authorized the payment of million-dollar salaries at Banco Nación

Silvina Batakis was targeted this Sunday by alleged irregular management at Banco Nación. As indicated in the program Journalism For All (PPT)the president of that financial entity hired for a important charge to her ex-husbandHéctor Javier Silva, without informing the Board of Directors of the link between the two, and unilaterally assigned the general manager, María del Carmen Barros, a millionaire salary.

This was revealed by the journalist specialized in Economics Cecilia Boufflet, who dressed as a tree, as she usually does to present her reports in that dispatch that is broadcast by The thirteen, broke down the details of both situations. Firstly, he indicated that Batakis, in the list of personnel that he sent for the Board of Directors to sign in July, with appointments starting in August, “sneaked” Silva for the Systems management“without notifying anyone.”

In addition, she pointed out that if the official who had a short time at the Ministry of Economy were to leave her position soon, her ex-husband “will remain as an employee.” “She is a person who is 59 years old and It is not a traditional incorporation of the Bank that someone of that age is involved,” the journalist added.

“This the entire Board angry because he didn’t warn them and because they know that when this is known it will be a scandal and they will all be stuck,” he concluded.

In parallel, Boufflet revealed that “Batakis approved Barros by letter, without consulting and without a vote from the Board, a salary that is made up of prizes, bonuses and others and that totals almost 9 million pesos.”

“Excuse me?” said the host of the program, Jorge Lanata, looking at the camera. Then he exclaimed, “Nine Sticks!”

Boufflet specified that “when he had his The first charge was more or less 15 thousand dollars.”. As he explained, Batakis argued that “in other banks, even public ones, the general manager has more or less a salary of that size.”

Furthermore, he said that Barros is in a relationship with Juan Manuel Romerohead of Services in the bank’s Armored Drivers area, who “does not go to work very often” and who “they made a summary for using the corporate card to buy fuel.”

“Do you buy gas for your car with the corporate card?” asked Lanata. Boufflet responded: “It must be for your car or some people have a little arrangement with the service station and can sell the vouchers.”

Along the same lines, he added that Romero “has a complaint in a prosecutor’s office for a criminal situation, because the only time he went to work he wanted to go on a trip in the Banco Nación cash truck to Bariloche and he wanted to give a ride to a friend.” .

“The Police of the City of Buenos Aires that was in the operation stood up, ended in a complaint and there is a summary going around on that matter,” he slipped.

Finally, he stated: “There is a lot of confusion between the bank’s Board of Directors and Batakiswho protected María del Carmen Barros until now.”

“There is a contract going around, among so many other things that were purchased, with Pity the numerologist,” he concluded, promising to continue the topic in the coming days.

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