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They came… got assurances… complaints are going on

How many ‘ideal’ villages are honorable

From the President to many elected public representatives adopt the village with great fervor. They also make announcements with pomp and show, but under the Adarsh ​​Gram Yojana, the people’s representatives have forgotten the villages by adopting them. To what extent and how many ‘ideal’ villages are adopted by ‘honorables’? Today, under the ground report series on his reality, the condition of Gumthala, the adopted village of MP Naib Singh Saini, is presented.

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Nabh Singh Malik / Nis

Radaur, May 27

There were high hopes that now the village will develop in such a way that it will become a model, but the problems are the same. The guardians of the village came, assurances were also received, but the problems are standing on their face. The story is of Gumthala village. Under the Prime Minister’s Sansad Adarsh ​​Gram Yojana, Kurukshetra MP Naib Singh Saini had adopted village Gumthala of Radaur subdivision. After adoption, many announcements were made for the development here, but before the adoption by the MP, the village was like Gumthala, it is still the same today.

The johads of Gumthala village are always overflowing. littered with dirt. Dirty water also fills the streets. There are heaps of dirt everywhere in the village. It is said that when MP Naib Singh Saini came to the village, people raised these issues in front of him. He also assured to solve the problem, but in reality nothing happened.

The outgoing sarpanch Krishna Mehta and other people here had demanded that proper arrangement should be made for the drainage of dirty water. Drain should be constructed. The people of the village are disappointed when the problems are not resolved.

Here the building of Anganwadi center and Ayurvedic dispensary is in dilapidated condition. Since there is no veterinary hospital in the village, people have to go to other villages for the treatment of animals. People say that even after three years of adopting the village, development work has not been done. When MP wanted to talk to Naib Singh Saini about this, he could not be available. Despite repeated calls, there was no response from his side, however, SDO of Panchayati Raj Department Rakesh Kumar said that Johad of village Gumthala would be made a model pound pond at a cost of Rs 1 crore keeping in mind the directions of the NGT. . Apart from this, a drain will be constructed with Rs 38 lakh. Estimates have also been prepared for other development works. The development work will be started soon.

‘There were high hopes, but nothing happened’

The outgoing Sarpanch Krishna Mehta told that the village has a population of 10 thousand and the Gram Panchayat does not have any significant income. After the adoption of the MP’s village, there was a lot of hope. He said that many demands like drainage of dirty water, johad, boundary wall, construction of lanes and drains, laying of bricks in the primary school of the village, construction of Anganwadi center, construction of chaupal had been placed before the MP. He had also given assurance, but till date nothing has happened. One and a half months ago, during the visit to the village, the MP had ordered the officials to solve the problems on the spot, but the problems remain the same.

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