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They ask to raise De Vido’s right-hand man to an oral trial in a case related to Cuadernos de las Coimas

Prosecutor Carlos Stornelli asked Judge Ercolini to send a case against Roberto Baratta for new facts related to that case.

Prosecutor Carlos Stornelli asked federal judge Julián Ercolini to bring to trial the former Undersecretary for Coordination and Management Control of the Ministry of Federal Planning, Roberto Baratta, and other former officials for receiving gifts in a case related to the Bribery Notebooks.

In his brief, Stornelli maintained that “it has been proven that Baratta intervened, as authorwith the participation of Nelson Javier Lazarte, in the reception of a sum of money in the delivery of which Hugo Alberto Dragonetti, president of the firm PANEDILE ARGENTINA SAICFEI, intervened at 1111 Suipacha Street, in this city”.

The gift was “so that the officials who joined the illicit association that it carried out its activities at least from May 2003 and until November 2015 and that it was described in the request for submission to trial dated June 18, 2019, did or did not do something related to their functions for the benefit of said company”.

He then claimed that it was credited that Baratta intervened “in the reception of a sum of money in whose delivery Alberto Tasselli interveneddirector of the firm FARADAY SA, at the “Yacht Club Argentino” located at 500 Cecilia Grierson Street in this city”.

In his brief, Stornelli explained the gifts he received from different State contractors, as a co-author. This case could be added to the oral trial for the central cause of the Bribery Notebooks.

Last February, Judge Ercolini large Baratta’s prosecutions and listed alleged efforts to collect bribes.

In a resolution, Ercolini in the case promoted by the prosecutor Stornelli extended the prosecution of Baratta for having allegedly committed the crime of passive bribery (bribery) in twelve (12) more acts, as a co-author.

The main cause of this bribery collection system in which Vice President Cristina Kirchner is prosecuted was raised to oral and public trial by the late judge Claudio Bonadio in 2019. This residual cause had the contribution of the confession of financier Ernesto Clarens.

This case is important, too, because the judge confirmed that at least four Baratta payments were delivered to the former secretary of the Kirchners, Daniel Muñoz, in the vicinity of the department of Uruguay at 1300 where Cristina Kirchner lives. Muñoz, in turn, made investments in Argentina and abroad for 200 million dollars.

In the ruling, Ercolini also expanded the prosecution of businessman Hugo Dragonetti, in terms of the crime of active bribery, as the perpetrator, conduct that actually coincides with the events for which his trial was ordered in the ruling dated September 20 of 2019.

The same decision was made by the magistrate with respect to businessman Alberto Taselli, Jorge Balán, Claudio Glazman and Alberto de Lassaletta. They were always measured with millionaire embargoes.

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