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They arrest Víctor Garcés, former legal director of Cruz Azul

The Mexico City Attorney General’s Office reported that it detained Victor Garces, former director Blue Cross legalfor his probable participation in the crime of falsehood before the authorities.

It was detailed that as part of the follow-up to an investigation initiated by the aforementioned crime, people from the Investigative Police complied with a arrest warrant.

The accused was arrested in the Polanco neighborhood, Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office. The man was transferred to prison Preventive Men’s North, where he remained at the disposal of the control judge to determine his legal situation.

Garcés no longer belongs to Cruz Azul: Superior Court of Justice of the capital

In March 2020, Víctor Manuel Garcés Rojo, through a statement, boasted as “current vice president of the Cruz Azul Social and Cultural Sports Club”, in reality he no longer held any position within the organization.

This was stated by the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City, who last February and through the Sixth Chamber, He denied the suspended sentence, which does not recognize Garcés as a member of Cruz Azul.

In addition to this, Garcés Rojo, was reported to the Specialized Investigation Unit with Resources of Illicit Origin, Counterfeiting or Currency Alteration of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), for charges of money laundering, illicit enrichment and human trafficking for sexual exploitation.

According to the complaint, the one who was once vice president of La Maquina, made transfers up to 50 million dollars in collaboration with its partners José Besil Bardawill, Roberto Guízar and Jesús Rafael González Callado, through real estate companies.

Likewise, it is mentioned that Víctor Garcés would have carried out the financial movements together with Fernando Luis Arista Nasr, with whom he created the firm Andrómeda Constructores Inmobiliarios.

In quantor the crime of trafficking in persons for the purpose of sexual exploitation, A woman of foreign origin testified that Garcés and his partners support a prostitution network of 50 dancers and “escorts”, who are guarded in the Miguel Hidalgo and Cuauhtémoc mayor’s offices in Mexico City.

Legal analysts recalled that the presumption of innocence is a fundamental right and not a general principle of law, for which no columnist or media has prejudged it, and have only echoed truthful and timely information.

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