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They arrest a suspect for the attack on Cristina Kirchner’s office

A militant of the Teresa Rodríguez group was arrested this Tuesday, accused of having participated in the attack on the office of Vice President Cristina Kirchner in the National Congress during the protests against the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) last Thursday.

The man, whose identity did not come out, was arrested in the Buenos Aires town of Acassuso after a series of coordinated raids which were repeated in San Isidro, Florencio Varela and El Jagüel.

During Monday, the Government had confirmed that it already had some eight people identified through the chambers of Congress and criss-crossing with facial recognition software.

The attack against Congress took place last Thursday, while the restructuring of the debt contracted with the IMF was being discussed in the chamber. Shortly after 3 p.m., a group of demonstrators began to throw stones and Molotov cocktails at the compound, which caused damage to the office of Cristina Kirchner.

Red paintings also appeared on the window of his office, which caught the attention of the authorities. One of the suspicions is that they “marked” the office of the vice president.

Hours later, Cristina herself tweeted a video showing how her office turned out, destroyed by the stones that entered through the windows. There were broken tables, decorations, fragments of windows and a lot of rubble.

During Monday the vice president had published another video, this time with the complete sequence of the attack on her office. There the cameras of the Federal Police are compiled that show the timeline of incidents and the moment in which a collaborator of the Presidency of the Upper House enters the office to record the stones from inside.

Cristina accompanied the recording with a text in which she denounces that the attack was “planned”. “The video that you are going to see shows you in real time, from the outside and from the inside (in the latter case only 12 minutes after the stone began), the attack against the vice president of the Argentine Republic that someone planned and ordered to execute. Serious,” CFK commented.

In Kirchnerism, they distrust everyone. In fact, the President, who tried to communicate the same Thursday with Cristina Kirchner and her secretary Mariano Cabral, without success in both cases, is still unable to speak with her.

As well in the Government they believe that the attack “was on purpose”.

This was confirmed by the Minister of Security of the Nation, Aníbal Fernández. “I don’t think they were social organizations that they were expressing themselves sensibly. It was someone who sought to do that because the red marks are not a coincidence, “he said in statements to La Red radio, referring to the paint stains that were observed outside the vice’s office.

Although he said that the “objective” of the attack is still unknown, he pondered that “there is much progress in the investigation” and that “working to clarify the facts who have been prosecuted since that very night”.

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