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They accuse Pepe of “hiding a bullet” and “kicking a Sporting manager”

According to the Portuguese newspaper ‘A Bola’, the former Real Madrid center-back and now Porto footballer, Pepe, could be sanctioned from two months to two years after his expulsion against Sporting de Portugal. What did Pepe do? According to this information, “kick a manager of the opposing team.”

“He kicked a manager of the opposing teamcommitting an act of violent conduct, an action whose sanction can range from two months to two years, according to the criminal framework provided for in the Disciplinary Regulations of the League of Clubs, which establishes as a ‘very serious’ offense aggressions against directors or members of the staff of the rival teams”, reads the news of the Portuguese newspaper.

In addition, the problems do not end there since other information, also from the Portuguese country, speaks of Pepe would have managed to hide a bullet thrown from the stands. The delegate, present on the field, would have seen the ex-Madridista hide an object and that target could be a bullet, according to ‘A Bola’.

“The league delegate’s report mentions a bullet that was caught by Pepe on the field of play. The Sporting players realized this and demanded that the central defender show the object to the referee, who kept it. It was finally handed over by the referee to the delegate of the league, who should report it to the competent authorities”, comments the Portuguese newspaper.

It must be remembered that embarrassing images of the tangana that took place between members of Porto and Sporting de Portugal.

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