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These rich “bad guys” who are pushing back poverty

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EDITORIAL. More great fortunes also means fewer poor people on the planet. No offense to Cécile Duflot and to all the anti-globalizationists with very narrow views.

by Pierre-Antoine Delhommais

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VSt is a statistic that should delight Cécile Duflot, director general of Oxfam France, an NGO engaged in the fight against poverty and, even more, in the fight against the rich. According to the latest edition of the Global Wealth Report, published by the Swiss bank UBS, the number of millionaires (in dollars) fell worldwide in 2022. There were 59.4 million at the end of December, or 3, 5 million less than a year earlier.

The planet mattered moreover, at the end of last year,243,060″ ultra-rich”, with a net worth over 50 million of dollars, either 22,500 less than the end of 2021. Main Responsible du decline of this wealthy population, Lstep back of the financial markets, which resulted on a global scale in 19 trillion…

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