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There they talk to them

Sooner or later, everything ends up being known, by revealing the content of a private or confidential meeting, by disseminating or leaking what two leaders of state really said to each other.

Donald Trump, and his crumbling credibility, declares that he “doubled” the Mexican President by threatening him with tariffs if he did not modify his immigration policy and detain migrants.

Actually we already knew. We have known since President López Obrador deployed more than 30,000 military personnel, sailors and soldiers to guard Mexico’s borders: the north, with the United States, and the south, with Guatemala.

We have spent 3 years of abject service to the US government, which here the sad foreign minister disguises as patriotism.

Let’s review: it was the ineffable Olga Sánchez Cordero, her then director of the National Institute of Migration and the President himself, who made lost statements at the beginning of 2019 affirming that “Central American brothers were welcome” and that they would be given all the support so that in their journey and caravans through Mexico could transit in peace to the United States. The declarations exist, the decisions were made, the caravans crossed the national territory and shelters, transportation, food and health aid were provided.

Everything was very nice and irresponsible, until Trump, furious, decided to tighten the nuts.

That is to say, this government opened the border wide, playing Latin American brotherhood, and ignoring the enormous problem that it threw at the northern border. Product of the political and diplomatic clumsiness, but also of those absurd feelings of legitimacy of brother peoples.

It all lasted quite a short time, because Trump’s threat was energetic and caused our “nationalist” President to fold his hands in less than a rooster crows or a goose quacks.

The Central Americans were detained at higher costs, thousands of immigrants trying to cross, soldiers, sailors and the newly inaugurated National Guard made its debut to guard the migrants, with great kindness and courtesy of shields and fences.

In the north they prevented new crossings and began to receive all the deportees that the US sent back.

It was a sensible and respectful agreement, AMLO said at the time, with the unrestricted support of Marcelo Ebrard.

In fact, Trump had managed, with a little pressure – all his style – to get someone else to do his dirty work for him. From the pathetic speeches of the fraternity of Olga Sánchez and the fired Tonatiuh, we move on to militarize the borders to please the madman with the platinum wig.

The same one who called Mexicans criminals and rapists, the one that the Mexican President likes very much -according to his own statement this Monday-, but yes, wrapped in the flag, “I will not allow them to use Mexico as a piñata.”

Trump used Mexico as a piñata his entire campaign in 2015 and 2016. He insulted, attacked, humiliated and AMLO even wrote one of his innumerable but useless books, to say how he – unlike Peña’s nonsense – would defend us from being vilified by the american president.

What happened? When it was his turn, he gave in to the pressure, accepted the conditions, softened the speech and even went to Washington to kiss hands when Trump was seeking his re-election. No Mexican president has placed himself in a more abject and servile position with the White House in modern history.

It is true that Trump is campaigning or staying on the campaign trail to stay alive on the American political scene; It is also true that no issue like immigration sets US conservatives on fire more; Trump uses this as a battering ram against the Democrats and the Biden administration, which has failed to contain migration. Everything is true.

But it is also true, Mr. Ebrard, that you got down on your knees, granted the demands requested by Trump and his government, at a cost to Mexicans that has not yet been clarified: how much does it cost us to keep 28,000 troops on the borders?

In fact, Mexico became Trump’s wall that contained caravans and tens of thousands of immigrants to the United States.

The Mexican government did not propose any migratory agreement; they did not place on the binational agenda the delayed comprehensive immigration reform that the US Congress has postponed for almost two decades; they did not request temporary work visas, special permits or family members to cross.

In a more patriotic than patriotic example, they surrendered to the will of the vociferous “friend of López Obrador”, with dignity and respect trampled on.

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