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There is fire in Manipur, it does not suit the Prime Minister to laugh and joke: Rahul –

New Delhi, 11 August (Language)

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday alleged that when Manipur is on fire, murders and rapes are taking place, Prime Minister Narendra Modi “jokes” inside Parliament at such a time, he likes it. does not give Talking to reporters here, Rahul Gandhi also claimed that Manipur has been divided into two and the idea of ​​India and Hindustan has been killed there and the Prime Minister does not want that the North Eastern state The fire was extinguished. Responding to the discussion on the opposition’s no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Modi on Thursday launched a scathing attack on the Congress and several other opposition parties. Urging everyone to work together to restore peace in Manipur and become a ‘pain medicine’ for the people there, he had said that the North Eastern region of the country is going to become a ‘focus point’ in the global view and peace in Manipur is necessary. The sun will rise The motion of no confidence was rejected by a voice vote. Rahul Gandhi said, ‘Yesterday (Thursday) the Prime Minister gave a speech of two hours and 13 minutes in the Lok Sabha, but spoke on Manipur only for two minutes. Manipur has been on fire for months, people are being killed, raped, children are being killed and the Prime Minister was talking laughingly. were joking This does not suit the Prime Minister of India. He said, ‘The Prime Minister sitting in the middle of Parliament was laughing shamelessly… The issue was not Congress or me, the issue was what was happening in Manipur? And why is it not being stopped. Rahul Gandhi said that Modi ji does not understand what it is like to be the Prime Minister of India. He claimed, “He does not understand that he is our representative… The Prime Minister should not speak like a petty leader or a leader of any party… I have seen Prime Ministers belonging to the Congress and the BJP… Have seen Vajpayeeji, Deve Gowda Saw Mr. No one had done this. The Congress leader also claimed, ‘What I saw and heard in Manipur, I had never seen or heard before. I said in Parliament that the Prime Minister has killed India in Manipur. These were not my empty words. When we reached Manipur and went to Meitei area, we were told that if any Kuki member is involved in your security, we will kill him. Similarly, when we went to Kuki area, we were told that if any Meitei is under your protection, we will kill him.’ Rahul Gandhi alleged that today Manipur has been divided into two parts, two states have been made. Gandhi said his remarks in the House that Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah had “murdered Mother India in Manipur” were not just empty words. He said, ‘BJP has killed Hindustan in Manipur…the concept of India has been killed in Manipur.’ The Congress leader also alleged that the Prime Minister wanted Manipur to keep burning and the fire there did not go out. He said that if the army is deployed in Manipur, the ‘Tamasha’ in Manipur will stop in two days. Rahul Gandhi alleged that the Prime Minister did not want to use any means to restore peace in Manipur.

Rahul seems to have lost his mental balance: Joshi

Prahlad Josh

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi said on Friday that unparliamentary words were removed from Rahul Gandhi’s speech in the Lok Sabha and not the word ‘Bharat Mata’ and his statements showed that he had lost his mental balance. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Joshi said this in a conversation with reporters after the monsoon session of Parliament was postponed indefinitely. Responding to a question about the former Congress president’s statement, Joshi said, “Rahul Gandhi’s statement today is not in the interest of the country, he does not understand and it seems that he has lost his mental balance.” The Union minister hit out at the Congress, saying the so-called ‘grand old party’ was behaving irresponsibly.Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday alleged that while Manipur is on fire, killings and rapes are taking place, At such a time, the way Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘laughed and joked’ inside the Parliament, it does not suit him. Whereas, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Joshi said that it is a good sign that the opposition party has started talking about ‘Bharat Mata’ and raising slogans of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and this is due to the BJP government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Used to be.

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