Sunday, October 2, 2022
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There is destruction in hospitals and homes in Mariupol, Ukraine, see satellite photos

Before and after photos of buildings in Mariupol.

New satellite images from Ukraine show extensive damage to civilian infrastructure and residential buildings in the southern city of Mariupol.


High-resolution images show a fire in the western part of the Black Sea port city. These pictures were taken by a US-based private company Maxar Technologies on Saturday morning. Dozens of high-rise buildings are seen damaged in these pictures.


A fire broke out in an industrial area in Western Mariupol.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said on Saturday that his country had been attacked by Russia and that Russian troops had surrounded Mariupol. Although the city is still under the control of Ukraine.


Before and after photos of a hospital in Mariupol, which was damaged in an airstrike.

According to Doctors Without Borders, the situation in Mariupol remains “alarming”, with no water and dwindling food supplies.

“Hundreds of thousands of people … are all surrounded,” Stephen Cornish, one of the leaders of the medical charity’s Ukraine operation, told AFP.

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