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The young German woman kidnapped by Hamas at the music festival for peace is found dead

The young German woman Shani Louk, kidnapped by Hamas on October 7 during her raid on the Nova peace festival, held in Israel, has finally been presumed dead, as confirmed today by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The family had recently stated that they believed the 22-year-old girl was still alive despite having a serious head injury.

According to various Israeli sources, the death has been confirmed after the discovery of a piece of a skull in the identification work being carried out by the Israeli rescue and rescue services, known as Zaka. Based on the discovery, a comparison of the DNA of this evidence was carried out with the data banks of relatives of the kidnapped people. This investigation made it possible to point out that it was Shani Louk. The loss of that area of ​​the skull, near the back of her neck, is incompatible with her life, which is why she has been presumed dead. The family speculated at the time that Shani had been shot in the head, although this is unknown.

«Unfortunately, yesterday we received the news that my daughter is no longer alive. She is very sad but at least we no longer have the anguishing uncertainty. “We would like to recover her body so we can bury it but not if the price is an exchange agreement with Hamas,” her mother, Ricarda Louk, told the public radio station KAN. «Shani was an artist with a pure and good heart. “She was passionate about life,” she recalled.

Shani Louk was one of the first victims to be recognized among the dozens of young people who were kidnapped during the peace rave. Her body, twisted and with apparent fractures in her arms and legs, appeared in an open van, crushed under two Palestinian terrorists. Her mother and her friends recognized her because of her tattoos and her dreadlocks. In the video that was released about the kidnapping of the young woman, she appears half-naked and a jihadist spits on her. As a result of the new information, it is not ruled out that the young woman had died on October 7.

On October 11, her mother revealed that she had received information from a Palestinian source that her daughter was in serious condition but remained alive somewhere in Gaza, perhaps in a hospital, according to a German network. Hamas, however, had hidden all information regarding the young woman and had not distributed it in its propaganda circuits, as it has done with other hostages. According to some sources, the jihadists who kidnapped Shani even used her credit card to make some purchases on the same day she was kidnapped.

At the Nova festival, held in Re`im, very close to the Gaza border, 250 young people were murdered by Hamas terrorists. This electronic music rave became one of the scenes of horror in the jihadists’ incursion into Israel, as murders, humiliations of all kinds and massive kidnappings occurred.

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