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The Weeknd creates on “Dawn FM” a purgatory “towards the light”

With almost no time to digest the leftovers of Christmas, arrived last Friday, January 7, the first major album release of 2022, “Dawn FM” by The Weeknd, in which the arrival of “a new dawn” is predicted with music that drinks so much of Michael jackson as of the electronic flashes of Daft punk.

Its author defined it in an interview as a wait in purgatory, but conceived as a traffic jam in the car enlivened by the station that gives the album its title and in which an announcer (himself Jim Carrey) invites reflection after the debacle as an aid in the transition “towards the light.”

With the residual energy of a night of partying and dancing, this album recounts the sins committed during the night. There is talk of excesses, drugs, infidelity, mistakes and fameBut not with stinging guilt, but as calm introspection, with a friendly hand resting on your shoulder preparing you for the atonement.

This explains the slight reflection of the sun that makes its way through the shadows of the already viralized cover in which The Weeknd, 31, appears as if he had aged four decades during these two years of pandemic in which he took the opportunity to compose his fifth studio album, a continuation of the previous one “After hours” (2020).

If that smash hit that further elevated the category of global idol of Abel tesfaye (Toronto, 1990) underlined his love for electronic and eighties arrangements, especially recreating himself in nocturnal landscapes, here the Canadian advances to the next level.

“You have been too long in the dark and it is time to wake up to the light and accept your destiny with open arms”indicates the soothing voice of actor Jim Carrey in the opening bars of the album.

Valid as a bridge to the post-pandemic, after the living death that many human beings throughout the planet have experienced due to COVID-19, destiny has wanted, however, that “Dawn FM” is published just the week in which omicron has greatly amplified the sixth wave, rekindling old fears.

It is surprising that they have waited until these first bars of the new year, just after the season of greatest record sales, to release an album that in summer already released its first and only advance, “Take My Breath”, and that, according to its author, in October it was ready waiting only for a couple of foreign contributions that were “keys to the general narrative.”

Among the collaborators, in addition to the aforementioned Carrey, there are two figures from the world of hip hop: Tyler, The Creator, a musician in a state of grace who has just released one of the albums of 2021, “Call Me If You Get Lost”, and the most veteran Lil Wayne, one of the most influential names on the scene today, with five Grammys in their showcases.

Along with them is also the prestigious producer Oneohtrix Point Never as an essential architect with The Weeknd of the vast majority of the 16 courts, whose signatures also feature highly reputed names such as those of Max martin or Calvin Harris.

Thanks to his good hand, cuts such as “Gasoline”, in which the vocalist’s iconic voice is processed into unrecognizable bass tones, or “Sacrifice”, with a funky bass that brings back Daft Punk, but mostly, about to end, “Less Than Zero”, which is called to be the other great single from this album.

Just as Daft Punk claimed Giorgio Moroder in “Random Access Memories” (2013), the Canadian wanted to make his toast to the sun here Quincy jones, creator of Michael Jackson’s most legendary albums, from “Off The Wall” to “Bad”, passing through “Thriller”.

He dedicates “A Tale By Quincy”. In this cut, before a melody breaks out with his unmistakable “R&B” stamp, which once again testifies to the great influence that the work of Michael Jackson has played in his forging as an artist, Jones narrates in first person the family problems that were a constant in his life.

Regarding the reflective purpose of that narration, of the entire album, the words almost whispered in the last one are revealing. “Panthom Regret by Jim” by Carrey, co-author: “Now that all future plans have been postponed and it’s time to look back at the things you thought you owned. Do you remember them well? (…) Were you ever in tune with the song that life hummed? ”.


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