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The war already causes damage of some 9,000 million euros

Destroyed bridge north of Kiev. / AFP

The Kiev authorities believe that, with the necessary aid, rebuilding the country could take a year

The destruction caused in Ukraine by Russian bombing of airports, bridges, oil refineries, canals, roads, railway lines, barracks, buildings and other infrastructure has already cost more than 10,000 million dollars (about 9,200 million euros). These are the calculations of the Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister, Oleksandr Kubrakov, released this Tuesday in an interview with the parliamentary television channel.

In his opinion and despite the magnitude of the disaster, Kubrakov believes that, with the necessary aid, the reconstruction of the country could last no more than a year. The Ukrainian minister considers it obligatory for the West to contribute to the restoration of its infrastructure since, in his opinion, “this war is not only against us, but against the entire civilized world.”

Precisely 10,000 million dollars is the sum that the United States is preparing to deliver to Ukraine, but aimed rather at cleaning up the impoverished Ukrainian economy and improving the country’s defensive capabilities. Also for humanitarian purposes. Kiev also expects abundant aid from the European Union. Washington has just sent Ukraine military aid worth 350 million dollars (322 million euros) for the Ukrainian Army, which includes Javelin anti-tank missiles and Stinger anti-aircraft rockets.

But the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, does not stop repeating that the best help his country could receive from the West would be the creation of a no-fly zone to close its skies to Russian planes. “Responsibility for every death in Ukraine from bombing and the siege of cities lies, of course, with the Russian state. From the Russian Army. Of those who give criminal orders and carry them out, of those who violate all the rules of war,” the president said in a video on Tuesday.

rebuke to the west

At the same time, the Ukrainian leader pointed out that they are also responsible for the current situation and the death of civilians who “have not been able to make a decision in the West for thirteen days,” referring to the no-fly zone. “They have not saved our cities from bombing (…) and hundreds of thousands of people are between life and death,” he added.

He also denounced that the solution is not only to provide Ukraine with combat aircraft, but also for the air forces of the NATO countries to guarantee that Russia does not continue to destroy the country with more attacks. He deplored that “there have been thirteen days of promises, thirteen days in which it was said that they would help in the skies (…), that there would be planes, that they would deliver them to us.”

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