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The video in which Javier Milei sings the Peronist march is manipulated; what he sang was “the caste is afraid”

“Compatriots here have Milei singing the Peronist march at the party that Luis Barrionuevo organized for him,” announces a user who shares a video on Instagram. The recording, which has more than 100,000 views, also circulates on Facebook, X and TikTok, and reached Reverso’s WhatsApp number (+54 9 11 2342 5734) several times to be verified.

The event seen in the video took place in Parque Norte, City of Buenos Aires, and received extensive media coverage. It was organized mainly by the Union of Tourism, Hotel and Gastronomic Workers of the Argentine Republic (UTHGRA), a union led since 1986 by the historic Peronist union leader Luis Barrionuevo.

Manipulated audio

A keyword search tweetdeck led to original videofirst published in

The original recording shows that Javier Milei and the attendees sang “the caste is afraid,” a La Libertad Avanza campaign slogan, and not the Peronist march. Ricciotti confirmed to AFP – a medium in which she, together with Chequeado, coordinates the Reverso alliance – that she is the author of the images that were later manipulated.

The viralized section corresponds to the beginning of the event, published in its entirety on the LLA candidate’s channel on YouTube, in which it can be seen that the Peronist march was not sung.

Javier Milei himself denied the version on September 25 on X and in a radio interview.

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Author: Martin Raschinsky

Edition 2: Manuel Tarricone

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