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The very business backstage of the Cannes Film Festival

HASn level – 1 of the Palais des Festivals, a young woman approaches visitors whose black Film Market accreditations hang around their necks. “Are you a buyer? Here is Don’t Look at the Demon, a very good Malaysian horror film from filmmaker Brandon Lee. It is projected during the day, do not hesitate to come and see it and give us a return to the Malaysian pavilion. In Cannes, there is a hushed world, less glamorous than the rhinestones, the glitter, the red carpet of the festival and the stars of the official competition, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Léa Seydoux and Marion Cotillard.

A parallel world teeming with women in suits and men in suits who sign contracts worth several hundred thousand euros. There, in the charmless alleys of the Palais des fests…

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