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The US Supreme Court strikes down the right to abortion

A majority of six judges decides to overturn the precedent of ‘Roe v. Wade’, a ruling that, in 1973, made the voluntary interruption of pregnancy constitutional


The Supreme Court of the United States has eliminated the constitutional right to abortion in the country after annulling, as was leaked at the beginning of the month, the Roe v. Wade ruling that recognized for the first time the right of women to abortion without restrictions during the first trimester of pregnancy, a legal precedent that has been used in the country since 1973.

The decision has been adopted with the vote in favor of the six conservative judges and the rejection of the three liberal magistrates of the high court.

Legislators from more than twenty conservative states have already prepared bills that would prohibit or restrict abortion at the time the Supreme Court annulled Roe v. Wade, judicial sources explained to The New York Times at the beginning of the month.

Thirteen of them have already prepared the so-called “automatic activation laws” to restrict or prohibit the right to abortion at the same time that the Supreme Court annuls the ruling.

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