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The US House of Representatives impeaches President McCarthy in a historic vote of no confidence

The United States House of Representatives gave the ‘green light’ this Tuesday to a historic motion of censure against Republican Kevin McCarthy, who thus becomes the first president of the Lower House to be removed from office.

The motion has been approved with 216 votes in favor against 210 against after the Republican representative for Florida Matt Gaetz, of the Republican hard wing, raised the proposal after accusing McCarthy of acting covertly in the service of the Democratic Party by negotiating This weekend with them an agreement ‘in extremis’ that avoided the closure of the federal government.

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Eight Republicans – Andy Biggs, Ken Buck, Tim Burchett, Eli Crane, Matt Gaetz, Bob Good, Nancy Mace and Matt Rosendale – have joined the 208 Democrats who have voted in favor of removing McCarthy, who will be replaced by one of his allies, Republican Representative Patrick McHenry, until the election of the new speaker.

The House will now have to elect a new candidate within the framework of a dispute between Democrats and Republicans that has already claimed its first victim after Congress approved a controversial bill to postpone the budget paralysis for another 45 days.

The promoter of the motion of censure, Florida Representative Gaetz, has assured that Republican Majority Leader Steve Scalise in the House would be a “phenomenal” president, although Republican Tom Cole has asserted that “no one knows what he is going to do.” happen,” according to CNN.

McCarthy’s presidency has been marked by instability since its beginning, since in January of this year he was elected to office after up to fourteen votes due to the refusal of this tough Republican bloc.

The situation is such that even former President Donald Trump has come forward on social media to criticize his party colleagues and has reproached them for being “always fighting among themselves,” although at the moment he has not commented on the impeachment.

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