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The US communicated to the Government about the sanctions that weigh on the strange Venezuelan-Iranian plane

Within the framework of a judicial and diplomatic conflict, the lawyer Rafael Resnick Brenner, representing the Iranian and Venezuelan crew, asked the federal judge of Lomas de Zamora Federico Villena this Saturday to order the restitution of the suspicious Boeing 747, of Iranian origin, to the Venezuelan company Emtrasur, return the passports and allow the refueling so that he can return to Venezuela.

Meanwhile, the United States government “He passed information to the Argentine government asking for cooperation given the current sanctions,” affirmed two sources of the opposition to Clarín. This newspaper consulted North American sources who, until the closing of this note, had not commented on the matter.

The plane had to land on Monday in Córdoba, then flew to Ezeiza where it was controlled by the PSA Aeronautical Security Police) and left for Uruguay to try to refuel, but Uruguay did not allow it to enter its airspace. And the Argentine companies do not want to give it fuel for fear of suffering sanctions from Washington.

It happens that helping to evade State Department sanctions in other countries is a crime punishable in the United States, a specialist explained to Clarion.

Transportes Cargo del Sur, or Emtrasur, is a company created in 2020 by the Venezuelan Government. It is a subsidiary of Conviasa (the Venezuelan state airline), which is under sanctions applied by the US Government since February 2020. The sanctions imply an embargo of the ship for the human rights violations of the Chavista regime. In this case, the situation is complicated by the Iranian crew being checked for a history of terrorism.

Resnick Brenner, one of those convicted of the Ciccone case and former adviser to Ricardo Echegaray, appeared before Villena to ask for the crew and the plane.

“There is no restriction or interdiction on the aircraft, what’s more, it was inspected several times by the Customs and Airport Security Police without any news,” said lawyer K.

So the judge pwill edit information to Migrations, PSA and other organizations to know the background of the crew members before deciding. He also wants to know if the United States justice system made any request in this regard. For example, a US judge ordered the capture of Chavismo’s number two, Diosdado Cabello, who wanted to enter the country from Bolivia two months ago.

“The crew members have a temporary stay because they need a visa to enter the country. At this time they can only leave the country on a regular plane, but they cannot get on the Emtrasur plane,” an official source explained to Clarion.

migrations”consulted terrorist background base and none listed. But just in case, we will keep their passport while the consultations are over and they rest in a hotel,” added the source. Migrations also informed the Criminal Intelligence of Security Minister Aníbal Fernández and the Federal Intelligence Agency directed by Agustín Rossi.

The Government will now inform Judge Federico Villena about this situation and the judge has the floor on the crew. Now on the plane it is different because the sanctions known to the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC) weigh..

The scandal was leaked yesterday when Clarion published a request for information signed by deputy Gerardo Milman and other legislators from Together for Change about the suspicious plane that was flying without using the transponder.

“Given the enigmatic behavior of flight, lthe least confusing property of the aircraft and the composition of the crew, is that I ask my peers to accompany me in this project”, said the legislative project in its foundations.

The repercussions of the diplomatic conflict reached other instances, while the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, is visiting Iran.

The crew members have only a temporary residence permit.or based on article 35 of the Migration Law which speaks of a “well-founded suspicion that the real intention that motivates the entry differs from that manifested at the time of obtaining the visa or appearing before immigration control.”

The five Iranians traveling on the plane are Mohammad Khosraviaragh; Gholamreza Ghasemi; Mahdi Mouseli; Saeid Vali Zadeh; and, Abdulbaset Mohammadi.

The first has a surname resembling Iranian businessman Mohammad Khosraviwho came to the country in 1999 and was investigated by the intelligence services for his alleged links with Lebanon’s Hezbollah, accused of the 1994 AMIA attack.

The official version is that the plane “brought auto parts from Venezuela and Mexico” but it was surprising that it had “five Iranians on board out of a crew of fourteen,” Milman said.

The former Vice Minister of Security said that “the same plane a month ago. Start the flight from Minsk, capital of Belarus, with an ID and when he crosses the Polish border he changes to another ID. It’s not a normal cargo plane.”

Milman stated that “due to the links with IRGC Quds Force, it would be relevant for the security of the Argentines to confirm, via fingerprints, to all Iranian citizens who arrived on this flight to the country.

“It must be clarified what their intentions are in our territory, something that is still quite confusing. The Federal Judge of Lomas de Zamora Federico Villena, with jurisdiction over the Ministro Pistarini international airport, must start a cause and confirm the identity and background of each of the passengers,” Milman said.

In addition, the plane before going to Venezuela would have been the property of the Iranian revolutionary guard known as the Quds Forces and complaints as alleged masterminds of the attack on the AMIA.

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