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The United States, Israel and Hamas finalize an agreement to release the hostages

Israel and Hamas could be on the verge of reaching an agreement for the release of the hostages, thanks to the intermediation of the United States. The pact, as reported by the American newspaper The Washington Post, would imply the suspension of the attacks for a period of five days in order to facilitate the departure of dozens of people who are still held by the Islamist group. Adrienne Watson, spokesperson for the White House National Security Council, has assured through her X / Twitter account that “although the agreement has not yet been reached, hard work is being done to make it a reality.”

According to the newspaper, which cites anonymous sources, the pact would consist of six pages and would imply the suspension of bombing for five days. This would allow, through aerial surveillance to control movements, the departure of groups of about 50 people, without detailing exactly how many of the 239 captives would finally be released. The agreement would also reportedly aim to increase humanitarian assistance, including fuel.

Israel promised the destruction of Hamas after the attack on October 7 in which the Islamist group’s fighters killed 1,200 people, most of them civilians, and held another 240 hostage, according to the Israeli government. Since then, the Israeli Army’s aerial and ground retaliation has killed at least 16,000 people in Gaza.

In fact, the Hamas Ministry of Health announced yesterday the death of another 80 people in two Israeli bombings in a refugee camp managed by the UN in Jabaliya, north of the Strip. According to reports, the first bombing left at least 50 dead, while the second killed 32 people from the same family. Likewise, the World Health Organization pointed out that it is working on an evacuation plan for the Al Shifa hospital in Gaza, the target of the Israeli army’s raids against Hamas, describing it as a “death zone.”

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