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The unfortunate ordeal of Ronaldo Nazario to the fans of Real Valladolid

He Real Valladolid they consummated relegation to the Second Division after drawing against Getafe on the last day. A game that was the definitive slap in the face for a hobby that has been the only element that has given the stature -member record- in a season full of troubles and that began to go wrong last summer with a decision by Ronaldo Nazario, the owner and president of the albivioleta entity, which still stings on the banks of the Pisuerga.

Ronaldo decided to change the design of the Real Valladolid shield, justifying the change with the refrain of giving it a much more modern touch. El Pucela, who had one of the most beautiful shields in all of Spanish football -probably the most- came to have a monstrosity for a shield, a caricature that put a good part of the fans on a war footing who felt that, for no reason someone, ripped the soul from his heart.

Throughout the season numerous fans they have shown their discomfort with Ronaldo’s decision. Without ceasing to support their team, they have made it clear to the Brazilian that they do not share his inexplicable change of shield.

On the morning of this Monday, Ronaldo gave a press conference in which he charged hard against the fans who criticize the change of shieldor: “I do not agree with what they say because we have been asking the fans and there is no clear unanimity with the shield. There are a few radicals who do not accept change or evolution or looking to the future”

Ronaldo claims that “We have 91% approval. I feel the affection and respect of the fans of the city. And that gives me more and more strength. We work listening and dialoguing with people. The radicals ask us for help to buy flags and to finance their actions in the stands. And when we say no, a reaction comes in the form of criticism. There are many benefits at stake. And it’s not because we changed the shield, it’s because they don’t have the benefits they had before. We can’t think about the radicals and we can think about the fans”.

Some words that do not conform to reality that enervate, even more, to a disenchanted hobby with a project that falters. There are two declines in three years. Sportingly, management is a complete disaster. The work of the sports management led by Fran Sánchez this past summer was unfortunate. Not a single signing of the six new faces -Feddal, Malsa, Juanjo Narváez, Kenedy, Sergio Asenjo and Escudero- were regular starters neither in Pacheta’s eleven nor in Paulo Pezzolano’s -the Uruguayan coach was Ronaldo’s personal bet that it didn’t go well.

Especially bloody were the cases of Narvaez, a player removed from Real Zaragoza without a First level level, feddal -the only thing he has done is expel himself in the cup tie against Deportivo Alavés five minutes into the game-, malsa -the ex of Levante and Mirandés is a shadow on the field- and a Kenedy who arrived from Chelsea with the star signing band and occupying a large space in the salary cap, but who is made of glass and has chained injury after injury.

The Pucelano team reacted in the winter market with the signings of Cyle Larin, Hongla, Machís and Amallah. Four signings that have given great performance, but the physical problems of the Venezuelan and the Moroccan have ended up sinking a team that decided to do without a Pacheta whose dressing room got out of hand, but to whom the risky commitment to a Uruguayan coach who never trained in Spain did not go well.

Ronaldo, who adds fuel to the fire by calling all those who are against the change of the shield radical -most of the fans are against the new shield no matter how much the Brazilian says-, he has confirmed that he does not intend to sell the club and that he has both Fran Álvarez and Paulo Pezzolano for next season.

The Nazario’s neglect in the day-to-day life of the team -He is still kicking his trip back in May 2021 to Formentera on the same day that Valladolid was thrashed in San Sebastián and almost certified his relegation to Second-, placing friends of dubious preparation in capital positions as Paulo Andre Benini, handy to manage and control the entire sports area as Director of the Sports Strategy Area or Julio Baptista as coach of Real Valladolid Bwhose decisions scale those who follow the albivioleta subsidiary boil the blood of a hobby that suffers from an incomprehensible change of shield and that on top of that eats a new and traumatic last descent.

The rope keeps getting too tight and is close to breaking.

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