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The UCR defies criticism and calls to celebrate 40 years of democracy in squares across the country this afternoon

40 years after the historic triumph of Raúl Alfonsín in the 1983 presidential elections, which marked the democratic restoration after 7 years of military dictatorship, radicalism called this afternoon at 6 p.m. for a celebration in squares throughout the country, to commemorate the anniversary .

In the City of Buenos Aires, the meeting is in the Vatican State Plaza, on Cerrito and Viamonte, next to the Teatro Colón.

The call from the UCR to the country’s squares.

In the preview, this morning the City It woke up covered in posters alluding to 40 years of democracy, with a caricature of Alfonsín smiling and saluting with hands held at his side, a classic of the posters of that campaign that took him to the Casa Rosada 40 years ago, imposing himself beyond all predictions on Peronism, which had as its candidate to the former provisional president of the Senate, Italo Luder. The posters bear the signature of Radicales x Argentina, the Buenos Aires UCR sector referenced in Daniel Angelici,

The radical move you are looking for recover the lost epic It occurs at a turbulent time in the life of radicalism, which comes from ratifying its neutrality in the runoff between Sergio Massa and Javier Milei.

While Massa seeks to seduce the vote of radicalism, and speaks of a government of “national unity”, Milei and now also Mauricio Macri continue to criticize their main leaders.

UCR posters in the City for the 40 years of Raúl Alfonsín's triumph and the return of democracy.UCR posters in the City for the 40 years of Raúl Alfonsín’s triumph and the return of democracy.

Despite the national defeat of Together for Change Radicalism was strengthened in its provincial expressions, with five governorships as of December 10. The opposition map for now is completed with five other PRO governors for the next stage.

The call to the squares invites people to “commemorate 40 years of democracy, recite together the preamble (of the national Constitution) and begin to build the future.”

In the 1983 elections Alfonsín obtained 51.75% against 40.16% for Peronism. It meant the first defeat of Peronism in free and competitive elections.

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