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The trick to stay hidden online and writing on WhatsApp

The ease that WhatsApp offers for communications, by showing that a contact is online, is its greatest strength but also its most questioned disadvantage, since many people they don’t want to publicize their current status. How to hide the famous “online” or “writing” to become totally invisible.

In order to fake the “online” state, it is essential to understand how this feature works. The logic is that, the system considers that someone is online while the app is active.

At that very moment, the account shows the status of “online” for everyone, whether they are contacts or strangers. It is a public state, so that anyone has access to such information.

WhatsApp leaves the “online” state when the application closes itself. If one does it manually, the state disappears on touch. Otherwise, It may take about ten minutes for the last message received.

When the profile is online it is shown in the chat.

The million dollar question is, what do other people see when you are offline. This, to a great extent, depends on the last connection time setting, information that is not public, but from the WhatsApp privacy settings you can choose whether it is visible to everyone, to your contacts or to no one.

If the last connection time was disabled, as soon as your WhatsApp enters offline status, nothing is displayed below the name. If it’s on and that person has permission to see it, then you’ll see what time you were last online.

To hide the time of last connection, just go to the WhatsApp settings, entering the Privacy section, tapping on Last time. once and changing the setting to Nobody.

offline profile

As WhatsApp does not allow you to hide that you are connected in its settings, which has generated a whole series of applications designed to spy on someone else’s WhatsApp, taking note at what time they went online and disconnected.

How to leave the profile offline.  Photo REUTERS.

How to leave the profile offline. Photo REUTERS.

And while some of these third-party apps have been proven to be effective, they are also known to be the main distributors of malware and experts in the theft of data and account information.

The solution using the Airplane mode or offline profile, it is possible, although too annoying to use it on a recurring basis. But since neither is completely satisfactory, here are the steps that are needed.

If someone sends a message, do not open WhatsApp. Instead, you will have to lower the notification bar. The “airplane mode” icon appears in the Android menu.

With this protection it is possible to enter WhatsApp and read or reply to all the messages. Next, close the WhatsApp messaging app and deactivate the airplane mode.

The message that one has written will be sent as soon as WhatsApp recovers the connection, without ever being shown as connected to the other person.

Obviously, the person receiving the message will know that you are online, but they will not get to see the status and may think that the message was sent before or that you are using one of the applications that are prohibited by Meta.


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