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The trick to know if a friend or your partner connected to WhatsApp, without being detected

In incognito mode, you can find out if a certain contact is online, even if you have disabled the option.

For jealous people, who at all times try to exert control over the other, one of the great reasons for mistrust is until what time they continue chatting on WhatsApp. Logically, the trick is to achieve this surveillance without anyone knowing.

A few years ago, WhatsApp included a function to know if a contact was online. To exercise the right to privacy, users can also decide whether to keep this option through the settings.

With the arrival of the law, the trap also appears. In this case, one can spy, even though the other has disabled verificationthe hours until which it remains online.

It should be noted that this function is not available natively in the WhatsApp app, so it will be necessary to download and install aan extension for Google Chrome call WA Web Plus For WhatsApp.

The WA Web Plus For WhatsApp is a Chrome extension.

For this little hack to work, you will have to move some knobs and make adjustments to some lines of the application. Once installed, with Google Chrome, opened from a computer, you will have to:

Enter the WhatsApp Web account and log in. Then you will have to click on the icon of the installed extension, which will normally appear to the right of the browser’s search bar, along with the other extensions.

Doing so displays an extension interface. From the “Improvements” tab and the “Customize” section activate the tick in “Highlight online contacts” and “Notify about online contacts”.

If the operation was completed successfully, a pop-up notification will appear every time any of the contacts come online. In addition to indicating who is connected by a green circle on your profile picture, which is quite handy for knowing who to talk to.

As an extra, it allows you to hide when you are online, play audio without informing the sender and even blur photos, names or messages in your chats, an interesting feature if you are in the office or in a place with little privacy.

Another alternative

The WhatsZee+ Online State Notify requires installation.

The WhatsZee+ Online State Notify requires installation.

Hidden on the Google site under the parental control mask, There are a series of apps that, to avoid committing a crime of espionage, are promoted as a healthy way of knowing how long the child stays online and how long they chat.

One of the best known is WhatsZee+ Online State Notify, which is responsible for alerting the moment the person you want to monitor enters the chat and the moment they leave it.

At the bottom of the app appears the contact that one added along with some buttons. If everything is ok, the campaign icon should appear green, which indicates that notifications or alerts are activated to alert you when you are online on WhatsApp.

If, due to embarrassment or fatigue, one decides to deactivate this monitoring, we will have to click on this same button and we will automatically see how it turns red.

You can also check the history of times you were online or offline on WhatsApp just by tapping the button that shows the WhatsApp icon or unfollow that contact by tapping on the red button with the propeller.

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