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The tremendous mess at Real Sociedad – Betis: the VAR company assumes the error of sending the offside image

Betis qualified for the semifinals of the Copa del Rey after beating Real Sociedad 0-4 at Anoeta. A game that was marked by a controversial move just on the edge of the break. With 0-1 on the scoreboard, Januzaj made the tie at one in a play that the referee, at the request of the VAR, ended up annulling for Oyarzabal’s previous offside.

When playing the repetition of the play, the spectators raised their hands to their heads, since notes that Marc Bartra’s foot would enable the Real striker in that case. The goal seemed legal. However, the goal was disallowed. It was a scandal. Minutes later, another image was offered a few seconds before the action in which the local player would be, by millimeters, in an offside position.

Hawk-Eye Innovations, the technology company responsible for the VAR system used in the Copa del Rey, acknowledged that it committed an error when sending the wrong image of the play to the television station. You defend, however, that the system used the correct image to make the correct decision, annul Oyarzabal’s offside goal: he defended this Thursday that “the correct image was used to make the correct decision:

Hawk-Eye is investigating an issue that occurred during an offside VAR review in the Copa del Rey quarter-final tie between Real Sociedad and Real Betis. The VAR used the correct image to make the correct decision. However, the problem was that an incorrect image was sent to the television station, a situation that was quickly corrected. Hawk-Eye Technical Services is evaluating the different scenarios to determine where the shipment failed

Imanol, indignant

After the game, the coach of Real Sociedad, Imanol Alguacil, was very upset with the referee’s performance and did not understand what happened in Januzaj’s disallowed goal:

It’s clear. Everyone has seen it and from what they have taught me someone must explain what has happened. There are situations that mark such close matches. I have entered the locker room, I have told them the truth and I have congratulated them despite the beating received. It wasn’t our best match but today… In such a balanced match, the details are very important. I’m annoyed because in such an even game things should have been normal and equal and today it hasn’t been like that in such an important game in which those decisions influence a lot


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