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The transformist Joshua Enrique wears the typical costume of Madison Anderson’s maga flower

Puerto Rican drag queen Joshua Enrique Ortolaza Rest, who from the past January 7 was part of the popular “reality” “RuPaul’s Drag Race” of the American channel VH1, in her transformation as Alyssa Hunter would have looked the typical costume of the maga flower of the Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2019, Madison Anderson Berrios, having prevailed in the competition.

The 26 year old he was one of the talents for the show’s 14th season, which was eliminated in late January. However, Alyssa Hunter, through her Instagram account, wanted to share with her followers images wearing the typical costume made by the Puerto Rican designer. Joshua Aponte, called “Golden Nature”.

Ortolaza Resto confirmed to El Nuevo Día that since he could not show it on the “stage” of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, he wanted to present it through his social networks. Similarly, he indicated that week after week he will be uploading all those other “looks” that would be part of the programa, driven by RuPaul Charles, considered one of the most famous drag queens in the world, and who has won 11 emmy awards, including five for best host, since it’s been on the air since 2009.

“’RuPaul’s Drag Race’ opened the doors for the world to know both my talent and my story, as well as my relationship with my parents, who thank God I am very fortunate to have their support. During the time I was in the competition I was able to show who I was and, above all, inspire other young Latinos, to see that no matter the language or where you come from, you can achieve your dreams”, expressed the young transformist.

“The experience was spectacular even though my participation was short, but enough to inspire others and know who I am. I think I won the most important thing about being on a reality show and in a competition like this, which is not winning the crown, but more than that: the love of the public and fans, both Latin and American and worldwide. That for me is the most special thing right now”, added the Puerto Rican.

Currently, with her transformation as Alyssa Hunter, she is on tour doing shows in different states. “I continue to represent Puerto Rico. Being the only Puerto Rican to enter the competition, after seven years that they did not select a Puerto Rican directly from the island, now I am taking advantage of all the ‘tour’ that is coming and all the stews, as Puerto Ricans say”.

“I felt good, bitch,” she said with a laugh, referring to the moment she wore and posed with the dress worn by the former Miss Universe, which has elements in rhinestones and in green, gold and red colors. In addition, it has wings that, when opening its hands, form the petals of the flower. The torso is the coquí, and in the head it carries the pistil of the flower. In addition, to show off some butterfly lampshades designed by Fabián Fuentes.

The transformista included another publication in which he appears posing with Anderson Berríos along with the following message: “Together, From here as El Coquí” ?????Two Queens, One Heart….#PUERTORICO”.

With an interpretation of Jennifer Lopez, Alyssa Hunter said goodbye to the program, in which she will appear in the last chapter as part of the talent of this season.


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