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“The transfer window show makes you forget the cynicism of the football player market”

OPhew, the transfer window is over! Three months of speculation and rumour, which together have produced millions of imaginary team combinations. Panini will be able to print its player stickers without risk of getting the wrong jersey – except for a few “medical jokers” and departures for championships whose markets are still open.

The final sprint was followed minute by minute in “lives” launched days before the 11 p.m. gong on Thursday 1er september. He had his share of dramatic events: transfers not registered in time due to a computer bug, negotiations suddenly broken off, last-minute purchases…

The transfer window is a whole folklore. The unavoidable medical visit can make everything fall apart for a shadow on an MRI of the ankle. To go from Leicester to Chelsea, Wesley Fofana had to make his own in New York, with the owners of the London club. VO2max [quantité maximale d’oxygène que l’organisme peut utiliser par unité de temps] and co2 at most.

The examination was fatal to Bamba Dieng. The Senegalese striker was to fly to Leeds, but changed his mind in favor of Nice before seeing his transfer canceled for a suspicion of injury. He is back at OM, who pushed him out bluntly.

Lies and videos

After the ultrasounds come the now ritual, even eternal, videos of presentation of the players broadcast by the clubs, and other poses with the flocked jersey of the year of the end of the contract – as illusory as they are.

Transfers form a whole section of football news, and give food for thought in slow times. A rumor is information there, since it exists, even if it was launched by an agent wishing to draw attention to his foal or to raise the stakes.

Lots of hits are allowed. The Team reports the false lead launched on another player by the president of OM, Pablo Longoria, in order to speed up negotiations with Lens for the side Jonathan Clauss.

The two new PSG sporting bosses have sent two different offers for the same player

In the register of gags, the two new sports bosses of PSG, Luis Campos and Antero Henrique, have sent two different offers for the same player. At least the PSG, forced to prune a bloated workforce, has managed to empty its “loft” – an inglorious practice of relegating undesirables away from the group.

Even Mauro Icardi, now more famous for his qualities in front of a barbecue than in front of goal, should go to Turkey and reluctantly leave Paris, the world capital of luxury tourism. Status to which Manchester cannot claim: Cristiano Ronaldo must stay there, for lack of having been desired elsewhere.

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