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The Top 14 final in Saint-Denis disrupted by a strike call

After the final of the Champions League, on May 28, that of the Top 14 rugby. A strike movement will affect several suburban train lines, including RER B and D, Friday June 24, the day of the final of the rugby championship between Castres and Montpellier, organized at the Stade de France.

The SUD-Rail unions, but also CGT, UNSA, CFDT and FO on certain lines, are calling for mobilization. Lines B and D of the RER, which serve the Stade de France, are affected by this strike action. Same thing for lines H, J, K, L and R of the Transilien, according to the SUD-Rail union. RER A and C should also be affected, according to the same union.

SNCF drivers in the Ile-de-France are protesting against the incessant schedule changes that occur a few days or even sometimes the day before they start work due to the numerous works on the lines, according to a union source. There are also wage demands on the grounds of the strike, according to the same source.

During the Champions League final on May 28 at the Stade de France, a strike by RATP drivers on RER B led to a massive transfer of travelers to RER D, a factor then poorly taken into account by the authorities in the organization of arrival flows at the stadium. This time, the strike concerns the SNCF, therefore the RER D but also the northern section of the RER B which leads directly to the Stade de France.

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