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The terrifying statistics of Real Madrid against PSG

White’s terrifying statistics during PSG-Real Madrid | EFE

There is still the second leg and Real Madrid is an expert in destroying statistics and challenges in the Champions League, but the hangover from last night’s defeat against PSG in the Parc des Princes is very recent. More than for the result, which was scarce seen what was seen, Real Madrid fears for the sensations of his team.

PSG was far superior to Real Madrid throughout the game and only his lack of aim and a great Thibaut Courtois in goal prevented the French team from going home with a scandalous thrashing. The match statistics prove it.

According to crash data, PSG had 57% of the ball, took 21 total shots, eight went on goal, seven did not find the three sticks and six were blocked by Real Madrid defenders. In addition, seven corner kicks and one offside. Those are the data that Mauricio Pochettino’s team reflected yesterday.

On the other hand is Real Madrid, which added very different numbers. 43% possession, three total shots, none on goal, two shots out, a blocked shot and only one corner kick. Not one offside for Carlo Ancelotti’s team.

For all that has been said above and although the result still leaves Real Madrid alive, the Whites will have to reflect a lot on their performance and form last night in the Parc des Princes. They were inferior to PSG in everything except that their goalkeeper was better, something logical considering that Donnarumma was almost on vacation yesterday for the 90 minutes.

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