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The tax authorities sent thousands of tax notices by mistake

Fstriper for some French people. The General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFIP) mistakenly sent notifications to thousands of taxpayers, alerting them to the fact that they must pay housing tax on second homes, according to A spokesperson for the DGFIP conceded that these notifications on their online space were sent in error.

And to explain: “Some users who have recently moved may have wrongly received a housing tax notice on a second home, our services having two known addresses concerning them. »

By the time the change of address is made, the tax servers therefore have two addresses registered, and can therefore believe that you have a second home. The move may date back several years, according to our colleagues.

Possible dispute

“If the error is confirmed, they are of course exonerated,” assures the DGFIP. To do this, you must contest the tax: by sending a message to the services by logging into your personal space, or by calling 08 09 401 401.

If you really own a second home, you have surely received a tax notice which this time is very real. You have until December 15 to take care of it. If you have chosen monthly payment, it will be from November 20.

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