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The TAS precautionary suspends the partial closure of the Wanda Metropolitano

ANDAtletico Madrid announced this Wednesday that the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) has responded to the “request” of the rojiblanco club to suspend “precautionary the partial closure of the Wanda Metropolitan” in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final against Manchester Citywith which “all members and fans with a season ticket or location for the match will be able to access the stadium”.

UEFA itself has understood the situation and has agreed to postpone the sanction to the next European competition match that we play in our stadium, while, in turn, the TAS has resolved this morning the granting of said precautionary suspension,” explained Atlético in a statement on its official website. .

The rojiblanco club was sanctioned last Monday by the UEFA Appeals Committee for the closure of a sector of its stadium with at least 5,000 seats in the clash this Wednesday for the “discriminatory behavior” of some of his ultras followers in the first leg a week ago at the Etihad stadium.

Atlético de Madrid reviewed that UEFA communicated to him on Monday “two penalties” as a “consequence of the report written by the delegate” of the organization of the first leg played a week ago in Manchester.

“In said report it was pointed out that a fan showed a flag with a prohibited symbol, which is why a sanction of partial closure of the Wanda Metropolitano stadium was imposed, specifically 5,000 seats. The second, as a result of the throwing of eight objects, sanctioned with a fine of 5,250 euros“, specified the Madrid entity.

“Atletico de Madrid considered the first of the sanctions to be absolutely disproportionate and, furthermore, impossible to execute in the face of the second leg that will be played this Wednesday, with all the tickets sold and without a time frame to apply it. The Spanish authorities also warned of the serious risk of public order that the execution of these measures could suppose and this was reflected in several reports”, according to the club.

“Our fans are the main asset of the club, we are proud of them and they have shown on countless occasions their loyalty, their passion and their affection for Atlético de Madrid. It is intolerable that these actions, by one or more people, tarnish the image of a hobby that has massively demonstrated its excellent behaviour”, warned Atlético.

In that sense, in the statement, the Madrid entity assured that “it will not tolerate any behavior prohibited by UEFA regulations or by the National Commission Against Violence, nor violent, racist, xenophobic acts or acts that damage the image of Atlético de Madrid “.

“The individual behavior of some people cannot damage the image of all the athletic fans, causing everyone to pay the consequences of their actions. In this sense, we request the essential and necessary collaboration of the authorities, security forces and bodies, as well as that of other clubs, to persecute, identify and punish those responsible for these acts,” he added.

Likewise, we also request the collaboration of all Atlético fans, and we encourage anyone who is aware of or witnesses any improper behavior by Atlético de Madrid fans, both in home games and when traveling to other stadiumsinform the club through the email [email protected] so that the security department can investigate it as appropriate in each case,” he requested.

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