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The surreal celebration touching the genitals that turns Honduran soccer upside down

Surreal situation that has been experienced in Honduran soccer. An Argentine footballer Ramiro Roccacelebrated somewhat by showing his genitals.

Rocca, in a moment of great euphoria, thus celebrated the second goal for his team in the match of the final of the Honduran Clausura tournamentwhich ended 2-0, but the cup went to Motagua, who had beaten their rival in the first leg 3-0. Perhaps the Argentine did not imagine that the referee of the match, whom he was almost in front of, would record in the game record his obscene gesture towards the stands of the Real España fans. The sanction establishes that Rocca has eight days to pay the fine.

Rocca was also sanctioned with a six-game suspension, according to the League Disciplinary Commission. In addition, the agency sanctioned Real España with 30,000 lempiras ($1,224) with a fine and prohibited him from playing six consecutive games in San Pedro Sula, where he is based, due to the invasion of the pitch, with violent incidents, by dozens of his fans after the game against Motagua ended.

Among other violent acts, one of the alleged fans of the club, identified as Wilson Pérez, 21, kicked one of the referees in the back, and in the stands he did the same, also in the back, against a non-commissioned officer of the National Police, who rolled several meters, according to videos broadcast in local media. The National Police offered a reward to anyone who provided information leading to the location of Pérez, who on May 31, according to the Security Secretariat, died in a shootout between law enforcement and gang members in a marginal neighborhood of San Pedro Sula.

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