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The Spanish company that will pay 3 million for 15 seconds in the Super Bowl

The most important and most watched sporting event of the year is here. We are of course talking about the great final of the NFL, the Super Bowl, which this year in its 56th edition will face the Cincinnati Bengals with the Los Angeles Rams. In Spanish time it can be seen from 00:30 am, early Sunday, February 13 to Monday, February 14, on Movistar.

So far the context of the match, but there is an important detail that has a Spanish color and is very important for our country since the electric car charger company, Wallbox, will have an advertising presence in the Super Bowl. And no, it won’t be cheap as they will pay around 3 million euros for 15 seconds.

You have to remember that 17 years ago, the marble countertop company Cosentino It was the first Spanish company to have a presence at the Super Bowl. Historical fact that Wallbox now collects. The Spanish company will not have a famous protagonist in its advertisement but will opt for a person from the street to advertise its product.

“He is a person who has experienced a very peculiar real situation, and we believe that with him we can tell a story that has a sense of humor and is very relatable to our product. We chose someone like you and me, who has experienced something real, because our consumer is real people,” Wallbox’s marketing director, Bárbara Calixto, told EFE.

The story of the ad’s protagonist, named Seth Thomas, recounts the experience of this man after surviving the impact of lightning, a fact that makes him internalize an understandable fear of electricity, something that he overcomes in this case to use the brand’s charger for his electric car.

Unlike other Super Bowl campaigns, the Catalan company has chosen to give the leading role in its ad to a person from the street, instead of an athlete or celebrity. With Wallbox, Spain will have representation in the biggest sporting event of the year.


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