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The ‘Sex-shops’ that promise to make evangelicals in Brazil touch the sky

Inside a box of medicine or a bag for bread: Brazilian Andrea dos Anjos applies the utmost discretion to get their erotic products to their evangelical clients, a business that is making its way in Rio de Janeiro.

In her virtual store “Memórias da Clô”, launched in 2019 especially for women, the questions, advice and orders are carried out mainly by private courier, as well as in the “love store” of Carolina Marques, inaugurated a year ago under the name of “ConsenSual”.

Marques, 26, rejects the term “sex shop.” It is “too aggressive” for an evangelical public, whose vision of sex can be very conservative, explains this female member of the Assembly of God church, who aspires to become a sexologist.

Your catalog of “auxiliary products for the relationship”As he defines them, it has a restrained presentation so that the person who consults it “does not feel that he should close the computer” in a hurry if someone approaches, he says.

Carolina Marques, 26, rejects the term “sex shop”. AFP photo

The fears

Before getting married, Marques realized how delicate it was address the sexual fun among evangelical guests at their bachelorette party.

“Christians have that taboo of sensuality. But within marriage, with your spouse, it can be natural. I want to end this stigma that sex only has a reproductive function, “he says in his little house with a patio in São Gonçalo, on the outskirts of the city of Rio.

To launch your store, one of the pioneers in the sector, informed the pastor of his church and his wife. “They always alert me to be careful with the packaging” and were the first opponents to talk about “sex-shop”: “‘That scares: it shows something different from who we are; it is vulgar’, they told me”.

Discretion is the highest slogan, he maintains. “I will not distribute leaflets at the exit of the evangelical cult”, a current of Protestant Christianity to which 30% of Brazilians adhere, according to recent polls.

Discretion is the maximum watchword.  AFP photo

Discretion is the maximum watchword. AFP photo

Lubricants flavored with cotton candy or “apple of love”, aphrodisiac perfumes, egg-shaped gadgets to put others in tune … Marques limits its offer to the least infringing products so that clients, married or about to be married, “do not have the feeling that they are doing something wrong” before God.


Thus, prostheses, objects to have fun “alone” or the line of anal sex are discarded.

“What is and what is not sin?”. Dos Anjos, 43, who frequents the Baptist Church, looked for answers in the sacred texts, but concluded that each couple must set their limits.

The idea of ​​”Memórias da Clô” was born with her first visit to a “sex shop”, after divorcing her husband who forced her to have relationships.

“At the time, I didn’t know what pleasure was. But the store clerk was a man. How could I dare to talk about it? I thought many evangelical women must feel the same way. “

Carolina Marques with a package without stereotypes.  AFP photo

Carolina Marques with a package without stereotypes. AFP photo

In addition to selling products such as female titillates, Dos Anjos dedicates a large part of its activity to counseling women with problems lubrication, postpartum, etc.

Although it also receives couples, such as a virgin man and woman who advised for days to get closer to each other. “The sale only came after”, remember.

Jessica, 24, is one of the regular clients of “ConSensual”: “I mostly use massage gels, thermal lubricants, with flavors … They make the relationship more pleasant and fun,” she explains by WhatsApp message, to maintain your anonymity.

This young woman claims to have convinced some friends to try the experience. But others reject it outright, for that “preconceived idea” that it is something “aggressive”.

Marques, who has begun to receive orders from other Brazilian states, exposes his maxim to tempt his clients: “Our body is our temple, the temple of the Lord and we have to take care of it “.

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