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The ‘Señora Torres’: a colossal ode of seafood to crown the weekend

The Roma neighborhood continues to make its way with the great gastronomic offer that its streets boast. The spots with unimaginable dishes arouse admiration and great joy in diners at the moment of taking the first bite. So it is with the Mrs. Torres, a unique delicacy in a seafood restaurant on the course.

Campechanito pa’ mooring! Such is this dish of extraordinary dimensions that, only at first sight, falls in love with the most demanding of diners.

Mrs. Torres, the ‘must’ of Mi Compa Chava

My Compa Chava It is a seafood restaurant whose concept was born as a dark kitchen at the end of 2020. Although its service to diners was only at home, chef Salvador Orozco’s menu began to be in high demand.

Finally, at the beginning of 2021, the great project of the Mi Compa Chava restaurant in the Roma neighborhood came, whose spacious and simple facilities will make you feel at the edge of the sea.

But let’s get to the point with Mrs. Torres. We must warn you that this dish is ideally to share with another person, however, if you have a good tooth, it is likely that this portion will be enough for you.

And we don’t say it only because of its size, we also warn it because the seafood potpourri is a treat, it doesn’t ask for anything from another bite too many.

This monument bears shrimp, blackfin tuna, octopus, scallops, all very fresh; It is also seasoned with a good portion of purple onion, cucumber and avocado.

If the description seems impressive to you, wait for the waiter to bring it to your table, because they shine with the presentation.

Mrs Torres it is prepared in a special can so that the layers are stacked evenly. Once it’s ready, what’s next! With great care, the waiter slowly lifts the can to reveal the colossal mystery, the brilliant texture of the shellfish.

Since the delicacy is uncovered, a good portion of morita chili sauce is added, uffffff! Life, I owe you nothing, life, we are at peace!

As we mentioned before, Señora Torres is enough for two people, but if you go in a ‘ball’, you can share it as an appetizer and take a look at the generous menu.

If you want to go solid to another top cymbal, we recommend ordering the black aguachile, you will not regret it; Tostaditas or tacos are also ideal to complement the options to share.

If you are a long-distance runner, we are sure that Mi Compa Chava will become your favorite place to eat seafood on the weekend, since in addition to the delicious food that is eaten here, the atmosphere, the music and the location give it that unforgettable touch. .

Yes indeed, We recommend you make a reservation or arrive very early. to train you because it fills you up, which is a joy.

If you’re running late and arrive well after lunchtime, the queue is likely to be anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half, so be patient and have a moderate appetite.

Where: Zacatecas #172, Roma Norte neighborhood, Cuauhtémoc City Hall

Hours: Tue-Sun 12:00-8:00 p.m.

Average Check: 500-700 pesos


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