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The self-denouncement of Luis Almagro was approved by the member countries of the OAS

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States admitted that he had a romantic relationship with an official, but denied favoritism.

The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) approved this Friday the self-denunciation of its Secretary General, Luis Almagrowho asked to be investigated last June, as a result of a series of complaints he received for having had a relationship with an officialthus violating the ethical code.

“Those of us in leadership positions in relevant institutions such as the OAS have the obligation to show probity in our public acts beyond any doubt, for this reason I myself asked to be investigated. We have to be and we have to look like it,” said the 59-year-old Uruguayan diplomat.

Almagro acknowledged the existence of that link, which lasted for three years, but denied any kind of favoritism towards her.. “I want to confirm something: practically all of you knew about the relationship, I went to diplomatic dinners accompanied by her. She was my partner for three years, on a personal level perhaps the best of my life, even though our relationship ended months ago,” he remarked.

Meanwhile, the investigation will focus specifically on recognizing whether the woman in question benefited from promotions, promotions and/or salary increases from the beginning of that relationship.

Luis Almagro admitted that he had a relationship with an OAS official, but denied favoritism. Photo EFE

In the General Secretariat they assure that, in any case, the opposite happened. “The curious thing is that perhaps it can be affirmed that she was not benefited but even harmed by her relationship with Almagro”, confided a source.

Almagro was overly meticulous on that point, so much so that the official lost contest opportunities because he was opposed to that happening during the relationship, even if he had deserved them given his high professional skills and academic qualifications.

Within this body, this issue has triggered a series of positions against the application of this type of “ethical norms”, because they understand that they do nothing more than objectify women and prevent them from freely deciding who to fall in love with, while make you choose between love or advancement in your professional career.

Luis Almagro's self-report was approved by the OAS member countries.  AFP Photo

Luis Almagro’s self-denunciation was approved by the member countries of the OAS. AFP Photo

The most radical in this thought maintain that “ultimately, the case shows that the old social control of women continues to be reproduced as always, now by denying her the right to fall in love, intimidating her by exposing her privacy in public under the pretext of supposed ethical norms”.

“Ultimately, it’s just about today’s voyeurism, disguised as an ethical hypocrite. To investigate Almagro is to interfere in the lives of two adults who had a romantic relationship freely and voluntarily. But, in addition, it is a form of social control of women; As before, as always,” they insisted.

Other voices close to the General Secretariat underlined the eminently political nature of this supposed scandal. “It’s very simple,” said an official, “in 2016 Maduro’s Foreign Minister came to the General Assembly in Santo Domingo with a draft resolution, ultimately unsuccessful, to dismiss the Secretary General. And now let’s think about who are the governments that arrived at the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles last June with an agenda of only two issues: protesting the absence of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, and proposing the removal of the OAS Secretary General ”.

“We cannot for a moment believe that opposing the dictatorships of the hemisphere does not have a political cost. The interruption of Almagro’s mandate has been a recurring proposal, almost on the verge of ridicule since 2015,” the source concluded.


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