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The reappearance of Cristina Kirchner, between militant euphoria and tensions over a phrase about power that hits the President

“You feel like opening for The Beatles and it’s a bit tricky.” Even the co-president of Eurolat, Javi López, could not hide and appealed to a joke to break the ice. He was aware that the staging at the Center Cultural Kirchner was tailored to Cristina Kirchner and that the expectation regarding what the vice president could say in the midst of a crisis with Alberto Fernandez It far exceeded the opening ceremony of the fourteenth plenary session of the body made up of 150 European and Latin American countries.

Early on, La Ballena Azul, the impressive CCK auditorium, had been packed by referents of the Kirchnerist universe and militants, that with some little songs they put color to the previous one. Before the arrival of the vice president, who arrived minutes before 12, the climate was disruptive. To such an extent that, with the melody of Fito Páez, “you’re going to see, hand in hand with the Boss we’re going to return” and the classic “Cristina, Cristina heart, here are the kids for liberation”. In addition, the parade of legislators, mayors, trade unionists and leaders who refer to Cristina added additional tension to the framework. Only a few dared to face the microphones: “When I can, I speak. You can’t talk earlier today”, he excused himself in confidence before Clarion an important leader of Buenos Aires Peronism.

As this newspaper reported, before the media raid by the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, which in Kirchnerism was considered a direct attack by the President, nobody wanted to rehearse a reply without Cristina’s line. Rumors of changes in the Cabinet and of an advance through the K ranks, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro (Interior) and the leaders of Energy, Darío Martínez and Federico Basualdo, intensified the internal differences.

For this reason, when at the end of the first section of her speech, Cristina seemed to allude to the head of state, the auditorium lit up. “We talk about power when someone makes a decision and that decision is respected by the whole. That they put the band on you and give you the cane, believe me, it does not mean that you have the power, just a little bit of that. And I say this from experience… And I won’t even tell you if the things that have to be done are not done, let’s leave it there,” was the phrase full of irony that at the same time generated complicity in the militancy and officials.

In the first rows, energetic leaders close to Cristina converged and applauded, such as the national senator Oscar Parrilli, the deputies Leopoldo Moreau and Eduardo Valdés; trade unionists Hugo Yasky (CTA), Sergio Palazzo (Bankers), Víctor Santa María (Suterh) and Roberto Baradel (Suteba); and a large group of mayors, headed by Mayra Mendoza (Quilmes), Mariel Fernández (Moreno), Fernando Espinoza (La Matanza) and Mariano Cascallares (Admiral Brown, on leave).

A detail: the Minister of Culture, Tristán Bauer, was the only first line of the Fernández Cabinet present, an audacity that, despite the crisis in the INCAA, earned him a nod from the vice in full act.

Everything was ready for a tougher speech. But Cristina decided not to go deeper and avoided other points of contact with the internal of the Front of All. And that caused confusion.

“Cristina was talking about royal power. Those who want to make another interpretation are bad milk ”, was the clarification that they immediately took charge of making from the environment of the head of the Senate. You have to follow the whole speech. She even said that she said it from her own experience, ”she added. And they recalled that she pronounced a similar phrase on October 11, 2017, during the Mauricio Macri government, stating that “identifying power with being in government is nonsense: a 100% President would have 25% of the power.”

The discursive line, drawn to decompress and that flooded the WhatsApp as they left the hermetic auditorium, was accompanied by the statements of the leadership.

“Today there was no talk of interns, they talked about international issues and the judicial party”, ran the Baradel axis.

Moreau, one of the usual confrontational, considered that Cristina “did not make any reference to the intern” and remarked that “no” pointed against Fernández.

The same, beyond the attempt to put cold cloths, not even among the most neutral are there expectations of a rapprochement.

“Do Alberto and Cristina have to talk?”, Deputy Valdés was consulted, who for more than a month has said he has been working to bring positions closer together. “Don’t ask me the obvious… It should happen,” he said, almost with the tone of someone makes a prayer

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