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The push of the truckers makes the masks fall

California and New Jersey announced it on Monday; New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, this Wednesday

No one will admit cause and effect, but it is mandatory to verify the coincidence in time: As trucker protests against measures to stop covid overflow along the Canadian border with the United States, masks have begun to fall in several state. California and New Jersey announced it on Monday; New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island this Wednesday.

The world’s population has lost patience, two years into the pandemic with more than 400 million cases, and the protests of the “freedom convoys” threaten the existing order. In Canada, where they began on January 22 with a demonstration of truckers, outraged by the covid passport requirements, the virulent evolution threatens to overwhelm the progressive government of Justin Trudeau. The prime minister, a victim of the coronavirus disease, has had to call for calm since his own confinement, and ask “those who block the economy and democracy” to go home.

Far from it, political revenge became economic on Monday, when some 200 vehicles blocked the Ambassador International Bridge, which connects the Detroit area with Ontario, on whose freight traffic 150,000 jobs and an annual production of 13,000 depend. millions of dollars. They were big words, which were also very contagious. On Tuesday, protesters blocked the border crossing between the Canadian province of Alberta and the US state of Montana. Truck drivers from Alaska joined the protests in the capital, Anchorage, to show their support, and even in New York, public officials who resist the municipal mandate to get vaccinated have taken advantage of the international context to parade through the pedestrian zone of the Bridge of Brooklyn. “Workers are essential, vaccines are not!” they shouted. “We will not obey tyranny!”

Coincidence or not, governments are beginning to reassess the pandemic. The head of government of the province of Alberta, Jason Kenney, declared this Wednesday on Twitter that omnicron no longer poses a rampant threat and, therefore, from this Wednesday, businesses will not have to ask for proof of vaccination or negative test and meetings will be allowed. up to 500 people without restrictions. As in several US states, students will not have to wear masks in class starting next week, although the federal government prefers to exercise caution, as the country approaches one million deaths from coronavirus.


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