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The Province of Buenos Aires charged Facebook with misleading advertising

The Ministry of Production in Buenos Aires charged the social network Facebook, owned by Meta, with lack of “to the duty of misleading information and advertising”in violation of Law 24,240 on Consumer Protection.

The Provincial Directorate for the Defense of the Rights of Consumers and Users confirmed that the company, through its social networks Facebook and Instagram, advertises advertisements for alleged private companies where “savings plans” are offered in order to acquire motor vehicles, with the appearance of supposed official plans.

As reported in a statement, these notices include denominations such as “NATIONAL PLAN”, “ARGENTINIAN PLANS”, “GOVERNMENT PLAN”, “CAR CARE PRICES” and “PROCREAUTO”.

One of the supposed official savings plans that is promoted on Facebook.

It was indicated from the Buenos Aires government that “in some cases, it is also used the image of the President of the Nation (Alberto Fernández), public buildings of marked knowledge and even national symbols with the aim of inducing deception”.

“The investigation carried out revealed that the deception in these advertisements is overt and rude, making use of notoriously false image montage and providing information that leads to confusionwith the name of apocryphal plans and programs or that existed at the time and that were completed several years ago,” it was stated.

It was clarified that, in this way, “the aim is to prevent consumers, through unclear and misleading advertising, or inaccuracies, from being misled or false in the acquisition of products, merchandise or in the contracting of services, protecting themselves the right of those to adequate, complete and truthful information in their consumer relationships”.

The company has already been notified and “must refrain from continuing to carry out this type of publicity and announcements and has five business days and cannot be extended, to present its defense.”

For their part, Production sources stated that if Facebook Argentina does not make such a discharge, the provincial Executive Power would be empowered to fine the company.

Facebook launched an alert in Paraguay about a fan of the Texas massacre

Salvador Ramos, the person responsible for the massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.  Photo: AFP.

Salvador Ramos, the person responsible for the massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Photo: AFP.

The Paraguayan National Police reported this Friday that it investigated an alert received from Facebook after a publication made by a minor in the country about the massacre of 19 children and two teachers in a school in Texas (USA).

The head of the Department of Economic Crimes of the National Police, Commissioner Diosnel Alarcón, explained to local media that this Thursday they were notified about a comment that appeared on networks related to the author of the massacre in Uvalde.

“This user has tagged this latest attacker in the US.”Alarcón explained to ABC Cardinal radio, and indicated that he also published a comment that the social network classified as dangerous.

Specifically, he assured that the young man expressed in his message “that he feels like a fan” of the person responsible for the massacre.

In addition, the minor pointed out that such an event could occur in Paraguay, “even with a greater number of victims.”

The police spokesman admitted that “normally” they receive these alerts, in cases of public comments that may threaten life or people who announce that they are going to take their own lives.

The victims of the Texas massacre.

The victims of the Texas massacre.

But he admitted that they made this fact public as a result of “everything that is happening worldwide.”

The police spokesman said that they activated an operation that made it possible to identify that the reported profile was used by a minor.

Even the minor’s home, which, according to Alarcón, is in “the central zone”, without specifying further details, personnel from the Public Ministry, the Ombudsman for Children and Adolescents and other professionals went to provide “containment”.

“He is a boy who grew up with a relative, the parents already have another family,” Alarcón said, detailing that he has received treatment for being a victim of bullying.

Alarcón reported that they also visited the home of another minor, a friend of the reported user, who “was aware of what the first was doing.”

The Paraguayan Police posted on Twitter that they received the alert from Facebook and from the Argentina headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, in English).

As a result of the warning, the message added, a “suspicious Instagram profile” was intervened, which made it possible to locate the user of the account, “who would be a minor under 17 years of age.”

The alert came after local media reported in recent days of alleged threats discovered in schools in the country.

The most recent case took place in the town of Ciudad del Este, on the border with Brazil, where a note allegedly written by two students from a private school who were apparently planning a massacre was allegedly found.

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