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The protest of anti-vaccine truckers in Canada, a new mecca for the world far-right

The protest that hundreds of drivers and demonstrators started in January against the mandatory vaccination against Covid for truckers crossing the border between the United States and Canada has become a pole of attraction for far-right movements around the world.

And it is, above all, a problem of public order in Canada and a source of conflict between his government and US Republicans.

After blockading Ottawa for 11 days, truckers closed the most important land border between Canada and the US, the Ambassador Bridge, on Tuesday.

The echo of the movement is enormous in social networks. Since the truckers’ messages and images appeared on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, their hashtag, #FreedomConvoy, had been shared more than 1.2 million times on Facebook as of Tuesday, according to analytics tool CrowdTangle.

A support group for protesters in the same outlet had amassed 700,000 followers.

Key figures from the extreme right in Germany, Australia and the US, as well as from anti-vaccine organizations with ultra elements from the UK, Finland and Belgium, have praised the protest.

Fuel cans next to trucks protesting in front of the Parliament of Canada, in Ottawa, this Wednesday. Photo: REUTERS

Facebook has removed some support groups for violating its rules of behavior or sharing content related to the banned QAnon conspiracy theory movement.

The organizers of the convoy have raised the equivalent of more than four million euros through platforms of crowdfunding.

And this despite having been expelled from the GoFundMe, for illegal activities, after having obtained more than 8 million dollars in it that the entity was going to return to donors.

Donald Trump provocation

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, both Republicans, announced over the weekend that their states will investigate GoFundMe for freezing donations.

And also Senator Ted Cruz took on the government and the mayor of Vancouver over vaccination mandates.

But the most insulting intervention for Canadians was carried out by Donald Trump.

A protester, with a sign against the "communism", in Ottawa.  Photo: REUTERS

A protester, holding a sign against ‘communism’, in Ottawa. Photo: REUTERS

“The Freedom Convoy is peacefully protesting the harsh policies of far-left lunatic Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister – who has destroyed Canada with his insane anticovid mandates,” the former US president wrote in a statement.

And he encouraged truckers blockading Ottawa to “come to Washington DC with American truckers to protest Biden’s ridiculous covid policies.”

The answer was not long in coming: “Let us be attentive to foreign interference. We are Canadians. We have our own laws and we will follow them”, replied the Minister of Public Security of Canada, Marco Mendicino.

The mobilization continued to complicate life in the Canadian capital, whose authorities declared on Sunday the state of emergency.

In a letter to Trudeau, Mayor Jim Watson called the protest an “aggressive and hateful occupation of our neighborhoods. People are terrified”, he said while the overwhelmed police insisted on asking for reinforcements that they did not arrive. More than 400 trucks kept Ottawa’s main arteries blocked.

Truckers protest in Canada attracts other anti-vaccine groups.  Photo: AFP

Truckers protest in Canada attracts other anti-vaccine groups. Photo: AFP

In recent days, the police opened 60 criminal investigations and made more than 20 arrests. National monuments were vandalized and many businesses had to close.

On Monday, a judge prohibited drivers from honking horns that had been harassing neighbors. The truckers then chose to step on the accelerator of their trucks and make the air unbreathable.

Justin Trudeau complaint

“They try to block our economy, our democracy and the daily lives of our fellow citizens,” Trudeau said in an emergency debate in Parliament on Monday night. “This has to stop,” he said.

So much or more concern that the siege of Ottawa on Tuesday caused the blockade of the Ambassador Bridge, which channels 25% of the trade between Canada and the United States.

After a few hours, traffic seemed to pick up slowly. Carriers also cut another major border crossing at Coutts, Alberta several times.

A prolongation of these cuts “would have serious implications for our economy and the supply chain,” Transport Minister Omar Alghabra said.

In imitation of the Canadian caravan, some 2,000 protesters blocked the area of ​​the New Zealand Parliament in Wellington with their vehicles on Tuesday.

There is contagion.

Source: The Vanguard



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