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The prosecutor in charge of the case for the assault on Sergio Berni held the police responsible for the excesses in the arrests of the two bus drivers

“The operation of compliance with the order is placed in the head of the police personnel who participate,” said Carlos Rolero. He assured that “if it was excessive, action will be taken.”

He Prosecutor Carlos Roleroin charge of the case that led to the excessive search operation to arrest the two bus drivers accused of assaulting Sergio Berni, got rid of excesses with which the agents acted and blamed the police: “If it was excessive, action will be taken,” he said.

Rolero spoke hours after the videos showing the brutality with which the officers they arrested Jorge Galiano (49) and Jorge Zerda (32)apprehended around midnight on Wednesday in Merlo and Gregorio de Laferrere, in the municipalities of Merlo and La Matanza.

Targeted by pro-government and opposition supporters, the prosecutor investigating the attack on Berni, He did not argue why he did not summon the bus drivers instead of ordering searches and tried to justify the operation.

“The operation of compliance with the search warrant is not placed at the head of the prosecution, nor of the court, for a practical matter. It is placed at the head of the police personnel who participate,” the prosecutor told the channel. TN.

He explained that the case has been processed for several days and that different measures were taken in between: “Everyone knew what had happened and what they were doing. It would have been much easier if they showed up spontaneously at the prosecutor’s office. Something that didn’t happen,” he said.

“All of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday happened, and our search measure was on Thursday. During all that time, no one showed up spontaneously. The prosecutor’s office carried out all the tasks that are done in all cases,” he added.

Rolero said that the search warrant was requested because it was what he considered necessary: ​​”Here they want to put the focus on a certain situation. If there was any excess, it will be investigated,” he insisted.

Our participation begins from the act in flagrante, City Police initiate the summary and we, who were on duty, took it. At first, we did not have proof of the nature of the beatings, we thought they were minor injuries, which is why we needed the minister to express his willingness to continue with the process. Later it was identified that they were serious injuries and that does not require action on the part of the victim.”

The prosecutor also said that the investigation was first based on the closest circle, that is, the direct violence on the body of the minister: “In this sense, five people were first identified, two of them are detained. Those two people exercised violence directly,” he stated and noted that tonight they will be investigated.


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