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The project so that mayors can re-elect once again deepens the interns in Together for Change

The re-election of the suburban mayors deepens the internal ones within the opposition itself. After the rejection of former governor María Eugenia Vidal to the initiative presented by a sector of Juntos to modify the law, the radical space that responds to Martín Lousteau joined the criticism and said that it will not accompany the project that will be discussed on Tuesday .

This amendment to the law, which was presented by the provincial senators of Juntos, the former mayor of San Miguel and Minister of Government of Vidal, Joaquín de la Torre, and Juan Pablo Allan, prevents eternal re-elections but enables mayors who have been in office for two consecutive terms to apply for one more in 2023.

The PRO mayors and the president of the party, Patricia Bullrich, accompany this project and charge against the former governor María Eugenia Vidal, who is fighting not to deliver that flag that she interprets as one of her main legacies of her administration.

It turns out that the communal chiefs elected in 2015 and re-elected in 2019 who should leave their positions in 2023 assure that the law is bad, because facilitates licenses and mechanisms to evade it.

Now the project proposes to modify Article 3 of the regulatory decree that enables the mayors to leave their positions before the middle of their term in order to be able to present themselves again in the next shift. This strategy has already been used by more than 20 mayors re-elected in 2019, the majority from the Frente de Todos.

Axel Kicillof with Máximo Kirchner, Sergio Massa, Martín Insaurralde and Veronica Magario in a meeting with Buenos Aires mayors.

We are in favor of a limit on the number of elections for any of the electoral positions “, says De la Torre, one of the authors of the project, in dialogue with Radio Rivadavia.

“Today we have a law to which the Kirchneristas mayors have found a loophole to render it without effect for those who request a license before the two years of their mandate. You have to put a lock on this situation“, he insists.

From Radical Evolution, the party that responds to Lousteau at the national level, they were reluctant. “During the last campaign we insisted on the need for the political system to recover the trust of society and guarantee the rules of the game so that the country grows again, “said the Buenos Aires leaders of Evolution, Danya Tavela and Pablo Domenichini.

“Modifying or skipping rules does not seem to be the way,” they added, while highlighting that “the limit to the reelection of communal chiefs is a settled discussion and we do not want to go back.”

Vidal had expressed himself along the same lines and redoubled his rejection of the reform of the rule that she herself promoted in 2016.

“I accept all the looks in my space, but I have the right to defend my convictions“, the national deputy planted.

Vidal expressed his position against the project.

Vidal expressed his position against the project.

“My position was always the same, I never changed my mind. It was a law that meant a huge democratic advance,” the deputy had said about law 14,836, which prohibits going for a second consecutive term.

The internal friction arose due to the approach of several communal leaders of JxC to their colleagues from the Frente de Todos (with Martín Insaurralde as the main interlocutor), in search of reforming the law.

De la Torre trusts that this Tuesday the modification will be approved in the Buenos Aires Legislature and warns: “If we do not resolve this situation, Kirchnerism will have an electoral advantage in 2023 over the opposition. The use they made allows them to be in an advantageous situation with respect to the others. “


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