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The president of San Pablo Burgos forces his players to kneel and apologize for descending

A Chronicle of a Death Foretold. The Saint Paul Burgos, revelation team of Spanish basketball for the last three seasons, consummated its relegation to the LEB Oro after falling to Urbas Fuenlabrada with a crash (66-83) on the last day of the ACB League. With disappointment on the surface, moments after the outcome, the Coliseum de Burgos became a kind of Coliseum in Rome. And not because the 9,568 spectators who packed the pavilion pointed their thumbs down asking for a head. The Burgos fans, the best of the club, He did not stop applauding despite the unease that invaded them at the moment.

Rather it seemed so because of the staging of its president, Felix Sancho, who went down to the parquet made a basilisk and loudly forced his players to kneel and apologize to the audience. The maximum president did not use his thumb, like the Roman emperors, but he did use the index finger to, kneeling on the ground, demand that his followers made that gesture of repentance towards their fans.

It must be hard to lose the category for a club that traveled from nothing to the moon in just six seasons. After its foundation in 2015, the Burgos achieved promotion to the ACB, where he consolidated himself becoming a League semifinalist (2019-20), double champion of the Basketball Champions League (2020 and 2021), Cup quarterfinalist and sixth in the League (2021). But the ways of his maximum president left much to be desired and can only be explained by the heat and rage of the moment.

Peter Martinezwise coach of BAXI Manresa, reacted on the networks to this fact with his usual common sense, disapproving the attitude of the president of Burgos: “You should not apologize when you lose if you have been a good professional. Even less force to do so by the decision maker. It is true that you should not make decisions if you have no idea, “he wrote.

The coach of Burgos, Paco Olmos, who left the Breogán once the season had started (January 10) to embark on the Burgos project, did not wash his hands like Pilate after the failure, but almost. “We are invaded by disappointment and it hurts a lot, especially for the fans. I assume the responsibility that touches, but it is not time to look at anyone. It is an accumulation of many things in a competition of ten months. An athletic touch was missing,” he explained.

“I will never regret making the decision to come to Burgos”, pointed. “In Breogán everything worked well but it is a project that has limits, but Burgos is a big and solid project that has experienced all the success despite being a young team and now all the suffering has come along”.

The one who did put his finger on the problem was Xavi Rabaseda, who, based on his experience and seniority, did not shy away from responsibilities. “We should have done our homework much sooner, we let many opportunities pass us by. I am disappointed with myself, with the team and with the work we have done,” commented one of the team captains.

The forward had a message for the Burgos fans: “I apologize to the fans and the people of Burgos for not being up to the task. The team has not been well all year and in the last game they did not deserve to win and save “said the Catalan.

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