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The president of Peru Pedro Castillo reaches his highest level of disapproval: 69% reject him

The disapproval of the president of Peru, the leftist Pedro Castillo, rose to 69% and reached its highest level in nearly seven months of government, according to a survey released this Monday by the press and social networks.

“69% of Peruvians disapprove of Pedro Castillo’s management and 25% approve. It is the lowest approval recorded since he began his term,” said the pollster Ipsos through his Twitter account.

The unfavorable result represents an increase of nine points percentages with respect to the survey of January 16 of the same company.

Castillo, who took office on July 28 for a five-year term, began his administration with a 45% disapproval amid ideological polarization and questioning of his unprecedented electoral victory in Peru.

Pedro Castillo with Jair Bolsonaro, last week. AFP photo

less support

Castillo’s approval fell to 25% against 33% in January, while 6% avoided evaluating the presidential work, according to Ipsos.

Castillo’s negative evaluation has prompted calls for resignation of the right-wing parliamentary opposition and ordinary Peruvians, whom the president has ruled out.

According to Ipsos, 56% of those surveyed believe that Castillo should resignwhile 42% maintain that their mandate should end in July 2026. 2% do not specify their position.

“That the president has a high disapproval reflects the precariousness of its administrationand this without counting that in Congress it does not have a majority”, observed the political scientist Kathy Zegarra quoted by the newspaper Tradewhich published the poll.

Pedro Castillo's fourth cabinet in almost seven months.  Reuters photo

Pedro Castillo’s fourth cabinet in almost seven months. Reuters Photo

The rejection of Castillo, a union rural teacher, still older in Lima (84%) than in the rest of the country (62%). The Peruvian capital is home to a third of the electorate and the Peruvian elites.

Harassed by the opposition and the struggles for quotas of power in the ruling left-wing coalition, the president has just appointed a new ministerial cabinet, the fourth since he came to power. A record in a country that seems to live in permanent crisis for five years due to clashes between the Executive and Legislative.

The survey, with a margin of error of +/- 2.8%, consulted 1,214 elderly people between February 10 and 11 in various cities in Peru.

Castillo, 52, won the last elections last June at the head of a small Marxist-Leninist party with 50.12% of the vote, in a tight ballot against the right-wing Keiko Fujimori.

in the sights

A congresswoman from Peru Libre, the Marxist party that brought President Pedro Castillo to power, filed a constitutional complaint against the president of Congress, María del Carmen Alva, for having met with opposition figures to supposedly discuss a strategy to dismiss the president.

Through her official Twitter account, the leftist parliamentarian Margot Palacios reported that she filed this complaint against Alva, after it emerged that she had a meeting with nine other legislators in a luxurious hotel in Limaorganized by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

As revealed on Friday by the weekly “Hildebrant en sus trece”, this meeting would have taken place on February 9 and the main point on the agenda would have been “fine-tuning the strategy to get Castillo out of the Government Palace.”

Source: AFP and EFE


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