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The president of Kazakhstan gives the order to shoot to kill

Image of the protests in Almaty, Kazakhstan. / EFE / EP

Russia has sent troops to help quell protests sparked by rising gas prices


The President of Kazakhstan, Kasim Jomart Tokayev, announced this Friday that he has given an order to shoot to kill without warning the “terrorists” involved in the latest protests in the country, which have their epicenter in the city of Almaty.

“I have ordered the security forces and the Army to shoot to kill without warning,” the president said during a speech to the nation, in which he ruled out negotiating with the protesters, as reported by the Kazakh news portal Khabar 24.

Thus, he has called “stupid” calls “from abroad” for “a negotiation between the sides to resolve problems politically.” “Is it possible to negotiate with criminals and murderers?” He asked himself, before stressing that the authorities deal with “armed criminals and insiders, both nationals and foreigners.”

In this sense, he has emphasized that “the antiterrorist operation continues in the country” and added that “there is a large-scale and well-coordinated work that is being carried out by the Police, the National Guard and the Army to establish law and order, in line with the Constitution.

“The situation in Almaty, Aktobe and the Almaty region stabilized yesterday. The introduction of the state of emergency is paying off. Constitutional legality is being restored throughout the country, “he assured.

In this way, he reiterated that “terrorist criminals like this must be eliminated as soon as possible,” before thanking Russian President Vladimir Putin for responding to his request to send troops to the country to guarantee security in the face of protests. .

China backs military intervention in neighboring country

The Government of China supports the intervention of Russia and other countries neighboring Kazakhstan to resolve the “chaos” derived from the latest protests, which began with the rise in the price of gas and have ended up becoming a full challenge to the authorities of the former Soviet republic.

“China supports all efforts to help the Kazakh authorities to end the chaos as soon as possible,” said the spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbin, at a press conference in which he also criticized that actors outsiders can take advantage of the Kazakh crisis to encourage violence.

In this way, Beijing changes its public message, clearly aligning itself with the countries of the region after on Thursday it limited itself to describing the mobilizations in Kazakhstan as an “internal affair.”


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