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The Polish Justice extends the preventive detention of Basque journalist Pablo González for three months

Selfie of Pablo González during a visit to a factory in the town of Dnipor in eastern Ukraine in February. / efe

The reporter of Russian origin has been deprived of his liberty for eight months accused of espionage


Basque journalist Pablo González will have to spend another three months in prison in Poland. The Przemy regional court, in the southeast of the country, decided this Thursday to extend the preventive detention imposed on the reporter, who has been deprived of his liberty since his arrest last February accused of espionage.

It is the third time that the court has extended the arrest of González, who was arrested on February 28 in Przemy, where he was covering the refugee crisis caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Polish Agency for Internal Security (ABW for its acronym in Polish) accuses González of using his profession to cover up activities for Russian military intelligence, for which he could receive a sentence of up to ten years in prison.

Visit from your partner

González received a visit from his partner in the Radom prison for the first time in eight months on Monday. During most of the time he has been in prison, the reporter’s communications

The visit lasted two hours and took place in the presence of a Polish intelligence agent, as explained by the family in a statement, in which it also indicates that González “is physically and mentally well.” «He has been very encouraged by the visit and, despite the lack of privacy, I have been able to update him on everything that has happened in these months regarding his children and the rest of his family both in Spain and in Russia. ».

The family and the team of lawyers have communicated that after the visit to the prison they met with the Spanish consul in Warsaw.

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