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The plane was at an altitude of 11,000 feet, the pilot was seen shaking his head under the seat, made an emergency landing

Actually, when Erasmus’s plane was in mid-air, he saw a very poisonous Cape Cobra snake inside the cockpit. However, he landed the plane safely in an emergency without panic, for which flight experts are not tired of praising him.

Erasmus, who has been working as a pilot for the last five years, did not lose his temper when he saw that the cobra was sitting under his seat.

He was taking a small plane from Worcester to Nelspruit on Monday morning. He described the situation of that crisis on the ‘Times Live’ website.

He said, “When we did pre-flight (procedures) on Monday morning, the people at Worcester airport told us that they had seen a cape cobra lying under the wing on Sunday afternoon. He tried to catch it himself but unfortunately it hid near the engine. When the group investigated, the snake was not found. So they assumed that he had left the plane.”

Erasmus said, “I usually carry a water bottle with me when traveling, which I place between my leg and my hip against the wall of the plane. When I felt something cold, I felt that my bottle was dripping. I turned to my left and looked down to see a cobra shaking its head under my seat.”

He said that for some time I was stunned.

The pilot said, “I was shocked, I was thinking that I should not tell the passengers about this, because I did not want to create panic. But if not then, at least a little later, he had to tell what was happening.”

Erasmus said, “All I said was, listen, there’s a problem. There is a snake inside the plane. I feel like he is under my seat. So we are trying to land the aircraft as soon as possible.

The pilot said, “The plane was flying at an altitude of 11,000 feet when I felt something cold near my hip.”

The flight was close to the airport in Welkom, so Erasmus declared a state of emergency at the control tower in Johannesburg.

The pilot said, “I told them that there is one more passenger in the plane. As soon as the plane stopped, we started getting out. The three rear passengers came out first and then the passenger sitting with me.

He said, “I finally got out and as I moved the seat forward, I saw that he was sitting folded under my seat.”

Erasmus said, “We contacted some people in the vicinity in an attempt to catch the snake, but by the time they arrived, the snake had disappeared again.”

Engineers took apart parts of the aircraft in an attempt to find the snake, but they did not find the snake until nightfall. They decided to continue the search for the snake the next morning as well.

Erasmus said that he thought the snake might have left while he was waiting for the engineers.

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