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The picketers march to the ministries of Social Development and Labor: “After encouraging the National Team, we go for food”

The groups claim for more assistance and in the framework of the meeting of the Salary Council.

After the harsh defeat of the Argentine National Team, as promised, the piquetero groups begin to concentrate in the Microcentro to mobilize this Tuesday to the ministries of Social Development and Labor.

“After encouraging the National Team, we are going for food, tools, and for a salary that beats inflation,” said the Piquetera Unit (UP) in a statement.

Around 1:00 p.m., the militants began to gather at the intersection of 9 de Julio and Belgrano avenues to mobilize towards the headquarters of the portfolio led by Victoria Tolosa Paz.

“Food delivery to community spaces remains poor. And the months of delay in the arrival of tools for those who carry out tasks in the Empower Work are accumulating”, they complain from the UP.

The piquetero march begins to generate traffic circulation complications through the Buenos Aires Center. So far, the militants do not cut the Metrobús, which is enabled for the bus lines.

The piqueteros will once again protest in front of the portfolio of the leader Victoria Tolosa Paz. Photo Luciano Thieberger.

Nevertheless, from Social Development maintain that there is a permanent dialogue with the piquetero groups, with the aim of coordinating issues related to food assistance and the delivery of tools for the productive units.

The protest will continue with a mobilization towards the headquarters of the Labor portfolio, located at 600 Leandro N. Alem avenue, within the framework of the summons of Minister Raquel “Kelly” Olmos to the session of the Minimum Wage Council, Vital and Mobile (SMVM).

Last August, the agreement was to bring the salary for November to 57,900 pesos. The minimum wage has an impact on the “Potenciar Trabajo” programs (more than a million people), which earn half the minimum wage.

In addition to the PO, the UP is made up of the MTR-Votamos Luchar, CUBA-MTR, MST Teresa Vive, the Barrios de Pie Movement, the National Piquetero Bloc, the Armando Conciencia Group and the November 17 Organization, the MTR Teresa Rodríguez, a faction of the FOL and the Territorial Liberation Movement (MTL-Rebelde).

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