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The opposition of Venezuela ends the mandate of Juan Guaidó

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó. / EFE

His ‘interim presidency’ has been criticized for not having achieved the objectives set by those who supported him in 2019


The opposition National Assembly of Venezuela has ended the mandate of Juan Guaidó as president of an “interim government” in the country, after recent criticism received by some of the parties opposed to Maduro for not having achieved the objectives set by those who boosted in 2019. The body has thus given the green light to the reform of the ‘Statute that Governs the Transition’, a rule signed in September 2018 and with which the opposition sought to fill the power vacuum that, for them, remained in the country after considering the re-election of Nicolás Maduro as president fraudulent

The proposal for the end of Guaidó’s term, presented by the political formations of Acción Democrática, Primero Justicia, Un Nuevo Tiempo and Movimiento por Venezuela, has received 72 votes in favor, 29 against and eight abstentions, reports the newspaper ‘El Nacional’ . Among the parties opposed to the measure are 16 de Julio, NUVIPA and Voluntad Popular, the party of Juan Guaidó. For its part, Encuentro Ciudadano has abstained from voting.

“Lose Venezuela and celebrate the dictatorship”

After his dismissal, Guaidó has affirmed that with the decision of the National Assembly “he has lost the country” and “celebrates the dictatorship”, assuring that “there is a majority that has made a decision, do not ask me to accompany it because I will never deliver a apex to the dictatorship. It is not a matter of Juan Guaidó, this is not the interim government of Juan Guaidó », he has stressed.

In this sense, he recalled that “Maduro did not end the Presidency in charge, he could not. The dictatorship is a minority and in Barinas it was demonstrated », he added, referring to the victory of the opposition in the home state of the late President Hugo Chávez a year ago.

Split in opposition

The head of the Encuentro Ciudadano organization, which abstained in the vote, Héctor Cordero, regretted that a “unitary” agreement was not reached, thus giving “a terrible signal to the country.” «The people ask for unity and we are giving them division, the people ask for security and adherence to the Constitution and the laws and we have given them doubts; He asks for a solution to his most difficult problems of misery, poverty, need and we give him a sterile political tirade that leads us nowhere”, he has reproached the rest of the members of the National Assembly.

For his part, Tomás Guanipa, deputy for Primero Justicia (who voted in favor of the dissolution) has maintained that “the elimination of the interim government does not imply the recognition of Nicolás Maduro”, specifying that “rather it is an effort to recover democracy in Venezuela through free elections. “The truth will always prevail. It is not true that if you (Guaidó) stop being president, we are legitimizing Nicolás Maduro, he is already illegitimate because he is a dictator, because he stole an election. That is why the world ignored Maduro, not because you are interim president, “he explained.

The deputy and national coordinator of the Convergence party, Biagio Pilieri, has reiterated his call for “the spirit of unity in the legitimate National Assembly” to prevail and for his fellow parliamentarians to understand that “the enemies of democracy are not in parliament, but in the Maduro regime. “It cannot be that while we can sit in Mexico with the regime, we cannot do it here. We understand that up to this moment there is no consensus, therefore, Convergence and I deny its vote because nothing that could threaten political change”, he said, referring to the dialogue table established between the Government and the opposition in the territory Mexican.

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