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The opposition in the Province came out to repudiate the dismissal of ‘Pata’ Medina

Legislators from Together presented a project of repudiation after the judicial decision. The trade unionist was investigated for money laundering, illicit association and extortion.

A group of opposition legislators in the province of Buenos Aires came out to repudiate the dismissal of trade unionist Juan Pablo “Pata” Medina, who was being investigated in a case for alleged illicit association, money laundering and extortion.

The legislators of Together presented a draft declaration in the Legislature of the Province of Buenos Aires to highlight their “strong repudiation of the decision of the Federal Oral Court No. 2 of La Plata that annulled the case against the trade unionist Juan Pablo “Pata” Medina “.

The Court’s ruling dismissed Medina and nine defendants and also requested that the role of the federal judge of Quilmes, Luis Armella, who promoted the arrest and prosecution of the trade unionist, be investigated. According to the Justice, the case would have been armed in collusion with the management of Cambiemos in the Province of Buenos Aires when María Eugenia Vidal ruled.

Those who signed the repudiation are legislators who align themselves with the former governor. she heads it fernando rovello and adhere Alex Campbell, Santiago Passaglia, Juan Carrara Y Johanna Panebiancoamong others.

“The investigation came from repeated complaints on the suspicion that from that union entity construction entrepreneurs were extorted to hire union workers and for them to acquire the catering services of a company linked to the Medina family. Otherwise, buildings could not be built in the Buenos Aires capital,” warns the request for repudiation.

“The federal judge from La Plata, Alejandro Esmoris, accepted the claim of the defense of the accused and considered the entire case null and void because, in his opinion, it was put together by officials of the Federal Investigation Agency (AFI), in agreement with officials of the provincial government and political leaders of the government of Cambiemos”, maintains the repudiation and questions the decision to see that they deny having been behind the assembly of causes.

Judge Esmoris understood that the cause that led Medina to prison was “armed” in a plot known as “the Buenos Aires Gestapo.” It happens that in the courts of La Plata a complaint derived from a video found in the AFI in which the former Minister of Labor of Buenos Aires, Marcelo Villegas, is observed in a meeting with a construction businessman when he explains that “if necessary would use a “Gestapo” against trade unionism.

In addition to Medina, his son Isidro “El Pulty” Medina, his wife, Fabiola García, and other former union leaders who were involved were dismissed.

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