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The opposition celebrated the dismissal of Judge Bento: “It is a shot on the side of Justice”

The dismissal of Walter Bento as a federal judge of Mendoza for poor performance, lack of decorum in his role and for having “dishonored Justice” was celebrated by opposition leaders. Accused of leading an illicit association that collected money to benefit prisoners, the former magistrate was detained for the alleged crimes of bribery and illicit enrichment.

“It is a clear example that the Federal Justice of Mendoza began to change when the positions of the Federal Chamber were filled“and the failures began to be reviewed,” said radical senator Alfredo Cornejo, elected governor of that province.

“I had to do the preliminary investigation in the Judicial Council, and today the Prosecution Court ruled in favor of dismissing him based on our accusatory opinion,” said deputy Pablo Tonelli, from the PRO, and added: “I emphasize that, Despite attempts to the contrary, Bento is no longer a federal judge and will stop ‘dispensing justice’ bringing great peace of mind to the people and confirming that the institutions work.”

Mendoza political leaders spoke out once the ruling of the Jury of Prosecution was confirmed. “The dismissal of Bento is a shot for the side of Justice and paves the way to judge his criminal responsibility, as the judge in charge of the most important and questioned Federal Court in Mendoza,” said the radical Luis Petri, former candidate for governor of the province and later running mate of Patricia Bullrich.

It is an act that comes to clean up the institutions in a context of degradation generated by Kirchnerism. Great work by the UCR advisors who carried out the accusation,” remarked Mario Negri, head of the bloc of radicalism deputies.

“The Jury acted with absolute autonomy, independence, impartiality and objectivity, and with solid arguments has resolved the dismissal of the magistrate. He today he is a fateful day for Argentine Justice because a federal judge has been dismissed; but also a demonstration that the Institutions, when they are correctly oriented and there is a strong commitment to the National Constitution, function to protect the Republic,” said in a statement the lawyer Miguel Piedecasas and the radical legislators Roxana Reyes and Eduardo Vischi, accusers in the Jury.

“It is great news for all Mendoza residents and Argentines in general. We are facing a exemplary sentence that helps us believe that an honest justice system is possible. It is an ethical obligation of judges to maintain coherence, probity and transparency in both their public and private lives,” posted Jimena de la Torre, also a member of the Judicial Council, representing the lawyers.

Former deputy Gustavo Gutiérrez, elected councilor in the city of Mendoza, spoke from the Civic Coalition. “We celebrate the removal of a judge who is a shame for the province, whom we denounced alone when all national politics was silent, given that he was a magistrate with electoral jurisdiction. The Clivica Coalition was the only political force that denounced Bento,” considered the leader of the space founded by Elisa Carrió.

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